4 Things That You Should Check if Your Garage Door is Opening and Closing on its Own

April 1, 2021

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Does your garage door open and closes on its own? If yes, then this may be a problem that you can fix yourself. Here are the 4 things that you should check if your garage door is opening and closing on its own.

1. The Transmitter’s Buttons

The very thing that you need to inspect if your garage door keeps on opening and closing is the transmitter. You need to check the keypad, remote controls, and the wall control. If you find out that these devices are old and dirty already, you should know that its buttons could get stuck. Always keep your transmitters clean and replace it when it’s past its time already.

You can also try changing its batteries if they are old already. There are times where a worn-out battery inside a transmitter could cause it to deliver random signals.

2. Your Unsuspecting Neighbor

If the model of your garage door opener is still the one from 1993, then there is a possibility that your neighbor is unknowingly controlling your garage door. Openers that were manufactured during this year were programmed to respond to signals with particular frequency. Now, if you have a neighbor that has the same frequency program, their remote could control your garage door.

If this is the issue, you can reprogram your transmitters. There are a number of ways in doing this so just be sure to check your manual.

3. The Electrical Circuits

The electrical circuit that is responsible for your door’s opening and closing could be damaged by power outages or surges. Oftentimes, this damage results to a door’s erratic opening and closing. If you are suspecting that this may be the culprit of the issue, you can call for a garage door technician and have the circuits be inspected.

4. The Limit Settings of the Opener

Whenever you try to close your door, does the door comes back up partly after it reaches the ground? Or, maybe upon opening it, does it come back down partly? If you notice this happening, then you have to adjust the opener’s limit settings.

This setting tells your door how far it should go up when opening and how far it should go down when closing. If the limits have been set incorrectly, the door could move in the opposite direction once it reaches the ground or the top. If you are thinking that your limit settings are not correct, call for a garage technician. The best garage door technician that you can call is the technicians at Direct Service Overhead Garage Door Company.

Do you have concerns about the warranty of your garage door? Check out the Coverage of Manufacturer’s Warranties.

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