Addition of Garage: Are you planning to have one?

May 2, 2022

Are you thinking about the addition of a garage? Building a garage can add resale value to your house. Studies shows that adding one could increase the value of a home up to 13 percent.  Costs for building a garage attached to the house can range from $7,000 to $30,000.

A Built to Order Garage Addition

Determine how you’ll utilize your garage. Are you just looking for an area to park your vehicle? Do you want an area for workshop? Are you in need of plenty of storage space?

Here are some of the most important aspects to take into consideration when designing your new home:

Doors for Garages

Classic one made of steel is typically the most affordable option. The addition of a window, decorative features or even insulation can be worthwhile additions. You can make your life easier by installing an automatic door opener. Door openers are available in simple or “smart” kinds.

Another garage door that is opposite the first one permits you to enter your backyard. While it’s not the most original, another door at the back is a good option if you need to put vehicles in the rear.

Lighting Design

Select energy-efficient bulbs for indoor lighting. If you are outside, consider daylight and motion sensors. Don’t compromise on the quantity of lighting. The illumination can enhance safety and function.

Roof Trusses

Standard trusses are the least expensive alternative. You can spend a bit more and purchase storage trusses. They can provide extra overhead space. Trusses for attics give you more room via a higher level, but they’ll add to the final cost.


Natural light makes any room more relaxing. If you’re planning on working in your garage, windows are worth the price.

Space to Roam

The extra clearance between your carport and wall increases convenience. 4-5 feet of additional space gives a room to open a door and move about without feeling cramped.

Additional storage

Storage options are endless. Vertical storage can make efficient utilization of space. Metal shelves that can be adjusted to be secured to walls are useful and cost-effective. If your home is tall enough, think about installing plywood platforms to add storage.

A workspace

A workshop could be just as basic as a countertop for kitchens. If you’re planning on a garage workshop, be sure that you have enough space of 6 feet for setting up your space. A sub-panel with electrical power is recommended when you are planning to run appliances.

This list isn’t complete. There are a lot of enjoyable and useful features you can incorporate into your home.

Our company offers a variety of attractive garage doors. We’d like to help get your garage’s new addition on the right foot. Contact us now to set up a free consultation!

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