Call for A Full Garage Door Tune-Up

February 27, 2022

Regular tune-ups help keep your garage door operating well and help prevent minor issues from becoming major ones. We provide tune-ups for any type of garage door including commercial and residential.

With proper maintenance, doors will stand the test of time for a long time. Apart from saving costs on repairs and replacements Tune-ups ensure that everyone is secure. Garage doors comes with safety functions, but accidents can occur if you cannot maintain the door.

Our preventative service program helps you ensure that your garage door runs smoothly. Contact the experts at your garage for more information on this savings program.

Here are a few issues we will address during our routine inspections, as well as tune-ups for garage doors


Your door’s moving components must be adjusted and lubricated at regular intervals. We employ the appropriate kind of lubricants to the various parts of your door.

Loose Parts

Screws and bolts that are loose could cause vibration and slow operation. This additional movement can cause the noise as well as wear of garage doors. In a tune-up we tighten or replace items as required.

Balance the Door

We’ll disconnect the motor and check the door. If it’s off balance, we’ll have to repair springs or make additional repairs. Due to the possibility of injury to the body, we recommend homeowners not to perform the service themselves.

Tracks and Rollers

The tracks and rollers can be unbalanced, which can cause friction, straining your garage door opener. It is important to inspect these crucial components and ensure that all is running smoothly.

Direct Service Overhead Garage Door Company provides a simple service plan. With our service plan, we will save you costs on repairs, and you can be sure that your door is safe with us. Contact us today to set up the tune-up.

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