Different Kinds of Garage Doors

March 12, 2022

Of all the options that are available, the garage door could be a significant part of the front of your home. This means that the design and appearance of your garage doors may contribute to the curb appeal of your home. Although most garage doors are a part of other parts of the home, however, unique colors or unusual styles can help make a house stand out.

First, garage doors came from in the majority barn doors. In all likelihood, cars were in the market long before garages. Barns were prime locations for modern-day automobiles at the start in the early 20th century, with the doors that swing out and ample space.

When cars were more popular, barns that were not attached to the home became garages, which were then connected to homes. They were known as carriage houses, and the doors were typically smaller, less elaborate doors for barns. Through time, garage door designs mechanism, materials, and styles have changed.

Nowadays, garage doors can be opened using technology that was not even in existence in the past. Doors are now more secure and easier to open, and they are also energy efficient. Of course, there’s one thing that isn’t changing over the entire time, that is the fact that carriage house doors are still an extremely stylish way to secure your vehicle.

Different Types of Garage Doors

As the world changed and garage doors changed, too. The size of cars increased, and garage doors needed to keep up. The technology improved, the material changed, and then automation was able to influence the ways we opened and closed the doors to our garages. These are the most popular examples of garage doors, and an overview of how they changed.

Swing-Out Doors 

Similar to the barn doors, the swing-out doors are double doors that can open as French doors that open to your home. They are typically decorated with striking hardware. In certain cases, they are made to be rounded on top. These are garage door openers that are designed to work with doors like this which means you don’t have to leave your vehicle in order to unlock them.

Tilt-Up Doors

The trend was popular during the middle of last century. The doors were basically one piece. These doors feature handles on the lower part of the door, and the entire doors “tilts up” and moves back to the garage. Since there were no automobiles in the era, the tilt-up doors were compact and easy to operate with tension springs, however they can help to move the door.

Sectional Doors

In contrast to tilt-up doors, these overhead doors were constructed from panels that run through the garage’s opening and the floor of garage. A lot heavier than tilt-up door and the tension springs are larger to assist with the additional weight. They are the doors that are most popular across America today but the designs aren’t always pedestrian.

Roll-Up Doors

Most often found in manufacturing, commercial or industrial settings, roll-up doors do not run on tracks like sectional doors. Instead, they are rolled up on highest point of the opening for garage doors. These doors’ sections are shorter than the ones in houses and are usually constructed from metal. They are durable but still light.

Folding Doors

As the trendiest choice, the folding doors aren’t that often used. They can nevertheless be stylish looking. They can fold down and up or side-to-side, like doors for pantry or closets. These doors are made to be customized and can provide the “wow” factor to any home.

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