Factors of Garage Doors Installation Cost

May 5, 2021

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When you hire someone to install a garage door, you must know that there are a few factors that will contribute to its cost. The major factor on this is the garage door type that you will be installing. There are 4 types of these garage doors that professionals could install, and each has its corresponding installation costs. Aside from that, the garage door’s characteristics also adds a significant cost to the installation.

Types of Garage Doors

  • Single Tilt-Up – This is an old style, and its installation would cost from $400-$700.
  • Single Roll-Up (sectional) – This is a common model and it cost a bit higher, around $800-$1,000.
  • Custom Roll-Up – If you are fond of custom doors, you need to prepare around $1,200-$2,000.
  • Solid Wood Custom – A wood custom door is attractive however this requires a lot of installation tools. Thus, its average installation cost would range from $2,500-$3,000.

Garage Door Characteristics

  • Garage Door Materials – The common materials that are used for garage doors are steel, wood, aluminum, and vinyl. Also, you can choose your preferred hardware and color. But do know that these could increase the pricing.
  • Insulation – If you have an attached garage, you should opt for an additional insulation. With this, you will increase your home’s energy efficiency however your overall installation cost could increase a lot.
  • Garage Door Opener Installation – With today’s technology, you can have an advanced, efficient, and convenient garage door. installing for a garage door opener would cost between $150-$300.

Aside from the type and characteristic of a garage door, there are still some factors that will affect installation costs. These includes the removal and disposal of garage door, installation labor, and electrical rewiring. When you think about these factors, do know that it adds about 20 precent to the overall cost. So, see to it that you will ask for a breakdown from your installation experts.

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