Fiberglass vs Steel Garage Doors

March 28, 2021

Garage Door Showdown: Fiberglass vs. Steel

If you’re searching for a reliable and durable door that doesn’t need routine maintenance, then fiberglass or steel is the best option. But which among these materials is the best? Keep on reading so that you will know which material would suit your needs.

Difference Between Fiberglass and Steel

Fiberglass Garage Doors – These are basically a steel garage door which is sealed with fiberglass coating. Fiberglass coating is an extremely malleable and light material which can offer a lot of advantages. These advantages will be tackled below.

Steel Garage Doors – These materials are made with real-gauge, rugged steel and these are galvanized in zinc so that it would not rust easily. Steel doors could be single, double, or triple layered. Single layer doors are mostly uninsulated whereas the triple layer doors are well insulated and most durable.

Upkeep and Durability

Steel doors are very sturdy. However, since fiberglass doors are also made from steel, these doors are also very sturdy. Also, the fiberglass coating that is added enhances the material’s quality. While steel is predisposed to nicking once there is a forceful contact, fiberglass doors are highly resistant to dents.

Both door types are generally low maintenance unlike wood garage doors. These materials are not at risk of warping, rotting, or chipping and does not need special upkeep. However, when you are residing in coastal regions, it is proved that fiberglass doors are the best option. This is because fiberglass does not react to salt in the air and rain, which makes it rust-proof.  

Quality of Insulation

None of these materials are inherently insulators. However, modern fiberglass and steel doors has an added insulation. Depending on what type of insulation you need, these garage doors can offer from low to high insulation values.

Craftmanship and Appearance

Both doors offer a clean and sleek appearance. But if you are fond of a wood grain look, fiberglass could be the good option to use.

Both fiberglass and steel doors could have faux wood finish, but the malleability and texture of a fiberglass door would make the look indistinguishable from a real wood.

Quality Fiberglass and Steel Garage Doors

Hopefully, you already know now the type of garage door to use. If you need more assistance in choosing for the best garage doors, just contact Direct Service Overhead Garage Door Company.

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