Garage door repair misconceptions

A garage door is an expensive fixture, yet it is undervalued and thought to be uncomplex. There are quite a few common misconceptions regarding garage door repairs. Many of these revolve around amateurs thinking they can repair garage doors themselves. Often, these misconceptions can cost you more in terms of damaging your garage door and property as well as injuring yourself. Below is a list of some common misconceptions regarding garage door repairs. It is good to familiarize yourself with these fallacies, so you know when it is better and safer to hire a professional like Direct Service Overhead Garage Door Company.

Garage door repairs are easy and straightforward

The garage door system is more complicated than it seems as there are several mechanisms with small parts working in synchronization. Although there are some maintenance and repairs you can troubleshoot yourself such as replacing rollers, most of the time, garage door issues cannot be done by an amateur.

Cutting the power supply when repairing keeps me from harm

While disconnecting the motor and garage door opener from the power supply saves you from electrical shock, you are still exposed to injury from other causes like the door’s weight or the strong force from the tension springs.

I do not need to be bothered by a slow garage door

A garage door moving slower than its usual speed implies that something may soon go wrong. When you notice your garage door is slow, be mindful of any issues that may emerge.

It is common for garage doors to be noisy

Garage doors indeed make some sounds upon opening and closing but excessive noise from garage doors are not usual. If you still hear loud noises from the garage door even after cleaning the rollers and tracks, this indicates that your garage door is malfunctioning.

Professional garage door repair services are costly

When attempting to fix your faulty garage door, the seemly expensive professional fee would in fact cost less than the price tag involved in risking the quality of the repair and your safety.

Garage door companies are not trustworthy

There are many scammers in different industries, garage door companies included. To avoid falling prey, research on garage door companies’ reputations through BBB ratings, available reviews as well as word of mouth.

It is enough to replace the one broken spring

If you have one broken or worn out spring, it is better to change the springs all at once. This way, the door will work evenly which in turn helps you avoid costs encountered from door failure should the other old spring snap.

Repair warranties have no value

A repair warranty is given by a technician to ensure the quality of their labor. It saves you from spending more money in repairs for a longer period.

I do not need to maintain my garage door

Any moving mechanism requires regular maintenance. Regular garage door maintenance helps you avoid expensive repairs and even replacements by addressing minor issues before they become serious.

Garage door companies just want to sell rather than repair

An honest and dependable garage door company like Direct Service Overhead Garage Door Company recognizes your needs and required services over their profits if they just sold you a new door. Your satisfaction is more valuable to them as a satisfied customer will keep on coming back and will recommend the company’s service to all those who need it in the area.

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