Garage Door Tune Up Tools

May 31, 2022

Garage doors maintenance can save money and their lifespans can be extended. Garage doors can fall on family members or vehicles if they are not maintained properly. You also have the possibility of your garage door not closing completely and leaving you open to burglary. It is important to maintain your garage door properly.

General Tools for Homes

  • Hammer to tap misaligned tracks back in place.
  • Screwdriver and screw gun are used to tighten loose bolts or screws.
  • Tape measure to determine the length of replacement parts, such as weather strips.
  • Wrench set to tighten things like roller brackets or bolts.
  • Pliers to do tasks like locking the rollers on the tracks or propping the door open.
  • Broom is for cleaning difficult-to-reach places, clearing cobwebs and removing any debris.

Specialized Components: Tools for Your Garage Door

  • For the garage door opener’s lubricating chain, spray-on white lithium grease
  • 2×4 for propping open door.
  • Lubricant such as WD-40.
  • Replacement rollers to replace the original when it wears out.
  • 1-inch galvanized roofing nails are used for weatherstripping installations.
  • Weather seal has a lot of importance for all the rain.
  • Extension spring containment cable to replace the originals.
  • Rub alcohol or Silicone spray for cleaning.
  • Locknuts and Fender washers are used to secure and tighten screws.

Routine maintenance will save you money and keep your family safe. This takes only 30 minutes each month, and you can do most of it with simple tools and household cleaners.

Direct Service Overhead Garage Door Company provides exceptional garage doors repair services for more complex issues. If you need help with repairs or tune-ups in the Central Arkansas area, get in touch today to get started!

What Does the Weather do to Garage Doors?

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