Garage Door Weather Trim Guide

May 26, 2021

Garage door weather trims are the seal in between the frame and the door. This is made from a flexible material so that it would snuggly fit in between. The trim has an important role in the way the door could maintain the garage temperature. This is important for both commercial and residential doors.

Trims must be installed properly so that it would fit perfectly. It should not be airtight so that the door could still move freely. But its outer edge must be caulked alongside the building and it should match with the trim. Just like a door’s R-value, a weather trim is made so that the door would be energy efficient.


Weather trims have various sizes; typically, 2 inches in width. However, you may need to use a 3-inch trim, depending on the distance between the frame and your door. If your garage has “fancy” corners, your installer must make necessary trim adjustments.

A great installer will highlight the necessary adjustments and will make sure that the trims will fit perfectly. Also, you must verify that the door installers have included in their pricing the caulking and the weather seal to avoid misunderstandings.

Do you have any more questions regarding the garage door trims? Let us know by contacting us. Visit Direct Service Overhead Garage Door Company and let us help you out.

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