Garage Door Window Guide

November 8, 2019

When you’re on the lookout for the right garage door for your home, the number of possibilities may come as a surprise to you. There are tons of different materials, designs, and finishes to choose from, of course, but another important thing to consider for your garage door is windows.

What Are the Benefits of Windows in Garage Doors?

No matter the reason for getting a new garage door, one with windows is definitely beneficial. Windows bring in a ton of natural light into your garage door and make it not only easier for you to see in the daytime without using electricity, but also add to the appeal of the inside and outside of your garage. If you don’t have windows, you would have to open the entire garage door in order to let any natural light in.

Most of the time, garage doors are installed on the front of the home, visible from the curb. This means that most garage doors make up a huge portion of the profile of your home. With garage doors being as much of a governing part of homes as they are, having windows in the door adds to the appeal and results in a more enticing affect for your home. Adding windows to your garage door gives it that perfect spark of charm and will set your home apart from your neighbors.

Having a great garage door, whether you’re switching out an old, rugged one for a new one or having one installed for the first time, is one of the greatest things you can invest in for your home. According to the Cost versus Value report for 2019, garage doors hold most of their value. Therefore, you will get most of your investment back if you decide to sell your home.

You always have the ability to customize the windows for your garage door to your liking. You can choose from a large variety of styles, patterns, and shapes of windows. This gives you the opportunity to own the most unique garage door in your neighborhood. If the area you live in is prone to high winds, there are windows that are rated for impact available for you. There are also glasses made for high altitudes if your home is located in an area that is higher than five thousand feet. This type of glass design is made to equal out and differences in pressure through a stabilizer.

Something else to consider when looking at garage door windows is matching your garage door windows to the windows on your front door. Although this isn’t necessary, it will give your home that cohesive look. Sometimes certain door manufacturers will offer front doors that feature specially designed windows that match the garage doors they make, in order for consumers to easily coordinate their curb appeal.

Deciding Whether or not to Have Windows in Your Garage Door

When deciding whether or not to have windows in your garage door, there are definitely some factors to consider. If you are concerned with the beauty of the exterior of your home and staying on par with the latest trends, adding windows to your garage door is a must. You will be utilizing mixed materials, which up’s the curb appeal for your home. Combining steel and wood, for instance, can give your home more of an inviting sense. You can have your garage door windows and the door as a whole completely customized to fit the aesthetic look that you desire for your home.

You may also be considering the safety of windows in garage doors. When looking at the question of safety from the structural viewpoint, yes windows are safe in this aspect. They don’t have an affect on how stable your garage door is. However, just like any other glass windows, they are prone to weather damage and you could have to replace them if any outside forces damage them. The upside is that most garage door windows are easily replaced by a garage door professional, like Direct Service Overhead Garage Door Company in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Another determining factor to ponder is your privacy. Most of the time, garage windows are installed at the very top of the door, which is taller than most people can see. If this is still a concern for you, though, colored glass is optional.

Choosing the Perfect Windows for Your Garage Door

When going over the pros and cons of having windows in your garage door, you should think about what is recommended by professionals. They recommend purchasing a completely new door that has existing windows as opposed to having them installed in your old garage door. Adding windows to a door that did not previously have them can be rather troublesome. An existing garage door has all panels and is therefore heavy and puts a lot of tension on the door springs. When you go to take the door out to add in the windows, it can become a real problem.

Although matching the color of new panels with old panels is not hard, the old panels will fade faster than the new panels that go in when windows are added to a garage door. Therefore, over time, the color of your door will be mix-matched and tacky. This factor alone makes the investment of a new garage door worth it.

If you are having your garage door insulated, it is reasonable to have the glass in your garage door windows insulated as well. This will keep your energy bill as efficient as possible. This is especially important if you are using your garage as an added living space.

No matter the style you have chosen for your home, it is important that your garage door matches. Garage door windows are an opportunity to spice up the design of your home, and with the huge variety of design options, it is rather easy to choose the perfect garage door and garage door windows for your home.

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