High Lift Garage Doors

Is your garage ceiling high but the door is a lot lower? Do you almost hit your head while walking out of the garage or can you not park your truck inside because of clearance issues? Your solution to these problems may be in a high lift garage door conversion.

What are High Lift Garage Door Conversions?

A high lift garage door conversion modifies your existing door so that it opens at a higher point in the opening of your garage. The resulting additional space in the opening can open up all sorts of possibilities. Aside from keeping the old garage door, this conversion uses new springs, tracks, drums, cables, and possibly a new opener.

High lift garage door conversions are designed to stay off of the ceiling. They are taken into the wall of the garage to free up space. Simply put, the overhead door is able to open up close to the ceiling, making the opening of the garage taller.

Why would you want a High Lift Garage Door Conversion?

  • Your garage has a high ceiling
  • You have a lift for car service
  • You want a taller garage door opening

It is important that you understand how a high lift conversion works before determining if you need one or not. High lift garage doors extend vertically above the opening to make space, where they then curve back horizontally, parallel to the ceiling. That being said, it is recommended that you have at least an extra foot of clearance between the tracks and ceiling. That clearance is where the springs, drums, spring bar, etc will be installed.

Your garage door repair tech will ask various questions in order to determine if your garage is a good fit for a high lift conversion. For that reason, it is very important to have the dimensions of your garage and garage door in advance. He might also ask how high you want the door to be, this question also will answer the question as to whether a high lift conversion is a good fit or not for your garage.

If your garage door repair technician says there is a good fit, make sure you know what parts need replacing. You are likely able to keep your existing door, but you will most likely need to buy the lift components.

Here are a few of the components that could be swapped during the conversion:

  • Drums and Cables
  • Tracks
  • Springs
  • Springs Bar
  • Bear Plates
  • Garage Door Opener

High lift garage door conversions will need a lot of hardware swapping. Why is that you may ask? The trajectory and angle of your door has totally changed. Requiring not only new parts, but also more power to lift from the higher angle.

High Lift Garage Door Maintenance

High lift garage doors require more maintenance than regular garage doors. The mechanisms are subjected to more force due to the angle changes. If your springs wear out, it can be quite dangerous for you and the family.

Regular maintenance is the key to owning a safe, reliable high lift garage door. It is possible to DIY, but it is always recommended to ask for help from a professional. Springs are dangerous, and the pros will know exactly what to look for when it comes to worn out parts and making sure your garage door lasts for many years.

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