How to fix a garage door that bizarrely opens on its own

October 31, 2020

It’s almost like a ghost has possessed your garage door- it unexpectedly opens without you doing anything. But no, odds are it’s not the supernatural ghost’s fault. Your door needs to be repaired. Nonetheless, getting a bit spooked out is acceptable. After all, it’s unnerving. What about when the door opens in the dead of the night? It leaves your garage and house accessible to thieves. 

The good news is that this is generally a fairly straightforward repair to a garage door. This is how this concern can be identified, and what you can do to resolve this. Within reach is a stable and efficient garage door! 

  • Batteries – The most probable reason underlying garage door malfunctions is aging batteries, and the one most homeowners neglect. Almost all remotes need only the regular batteries you can find in your convenience store’s battery aisle, although some need a customized battery. 
  • Buttons – A button on an aging garage door opener often starts to stick and becomes challenging to use. It wears out the remote or wall panel controller. Simply replacing it with a different remote is the safest way to proceed. Keep in mind that the remote for the repair is compatible with the opener itself. 
  • Power Surge – For all types of home equipment, a power surge triggered by a lightning flash will wreak havoc, and the garage door opener isn’t any exemption. Luckily, the opener was certainly not broken, but the codes were scrambled. Often it will be tough to reprogram this because of rolling codes that make the door safer. An expert might need to be hired for this. 
  • Circuit Board – You’ll have to repair the whole board if the issue is the circuit board. You will also need to immediately contact a garage door specialist for this work unless you’re an electrician yourself. In Little Rock, Direct Service Overhead Garage Door Company provides a variety of services, including 24/7 emergency garage door repairs.
  • Wiring – Often, the culprit might be a short in the wiring that binds the opener. The concern with wiring can also be directly linked to safety sensors. An uncovered wire could also be responsible, perhaps. Again, you’ll need to consult an electrician or a garage door specialist. 

We provide the Little Rock area with skilled and efficient garage door repair work. Give us a call at (501) 244-36677 or visit us. We’ll resolve the matter and safeguard your garage door and home in a matter of moments!

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