How To Fix My Garage Door

January 30, 2021

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All types of overhead garage doors are operated by a spring tension whether it is a swing up door or a roll up one. Also, the tracks that you see on every garage wall is the mechanism that lets the door moves, and this is mostly powered by the heavy spring. So, in cases wherein your garage door does not function properly, fixing it would rather be simple. Below, we will be tackling a few steps that you need to know every time you ask how to fix my garage door.

Door Repair Tips

How to Repair a Garage Door: Tips and Guidelines | HowStuffWorks
  • Step #1: Inspect your metal tracks. Check if the mounting brackets which is responsible for holding your tracks is loose. If so, then, tighten it using screws or bolts. Now, with your garage door closed, check for dents, flats spots, or crimps in your tracks. If you notice one, use a rubber mallet or a hammer and pound them to reverse the dents. Take note that if your tracks are damaged, you might have to call for professional services and Direct Service Overhead Garage Door Company is the best one you can call.
  • Step #2: See to it that the tracks are aligned properly. Make sure that the height of both the horizontal and vertical tracks are the same with the garage walls. As for the horizontal tracks, make sure that it is slanted down facing the back of garage and as for the vertical tracks, see to it that it is well aligned. Now, if you have noticed that these tracks were not aligned properly, loosen the screw a little making sure not to remove the tracks and then carefully tap these tracks in position. Once the tracks are leveled, tighten back the screw.
  • Step #3: Using a concentrated cleaner, clean the tracks and remove all the dirt and greases that have hardened. Clean also the rollers carefully and wipe dry the rollers and tracks thereafter.
  • Step #4: Inspect the door for any loose mechanism and tighten it right away. Now, if you have a swing-up garage door, you must inspect for the plates because this is where the springs are placed and you have to make sure that all the screws in it are secured tightly. On the other hand, if you have a roll-up garage door, inspect for the hinges and make sure that all screws are tightly screwed as well.

If you notice that your door sags, your hinge might not be screwed up tightly. So, make sure to check on this one too. And if you notice any other problems during your inspections, do your best to fix it and if you cannot handle the problem anymore, do know that Direct Service Overhead Garage Door Company is ready to help you anytime.

Also, check out Commercial Roll-Up Garage Door Parts so that you will have an idea on how these type of garage doors work.

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