How to have the prettiest garage door in your entire neighborhood

October 27, 2020

The garage door is often every houses’ major front-facing element so why not have the neighborhood’s finest? Not only is it going to make your neighbors green with envy, but your house will be worth more. In addition, when it gets down to curb appeal, your garage door is pretty much the biggest single factor, which has a great impact on its appraisal value. That’s why a new garage door, like your cash in the bank, has always had a better return on investment, practically 97%. 

So if you’d like to make your neighbors envious by having the neighborhood’s best garage door while also maximizing your property values at the same time, below are our four suggestions for a stunning garage door.

Tip #1 – Keeping up with the repairs

It goes without saying, you ought to keep up with routine maintenance and repair if you want an amazing garage door. This implies periodically lubricating the garage door, all its moving parts from edge to edge. But be quite certain to use an appropriate lubricant for the garage door, not WD40. 

Any loose components, the bolts, hinges, and particularly the garage door tracks, should all be toughened down. They need to be placed securely. The less you induce your garage door to rattle, the less sudden movement it will produce that can wear it out.

Tip #2 – Giving your door a little makeover

If your garage door looks worn and out of style, but you’re not yet mentally prepared to install a whole new door, a makeover should be contemplated. It is worth repairing missing, rusty, or worn panels. When you have an aluminum garage door, either as a DIY repair or by hiring a garage door repair specialist, dents can swiftly be repaired. 

You may try a new paint job as well. This will leave your garage door nearly as good as new if executed properly. Be conscious of the color and texture of paint that you prefer. Be daring. The alluring bold colors can really speak volumes and describe your home’s charm. It’s also a fine idea to fit or at least contrast each other with the trim, front door, and garage door. Take the entire front of your house to be one enormous art form that must be merged into a unified piece by your garage door.

Tip #3 – Brighten it up

Your driveway’s illumination will draw more attention to a gorgeous door and make it pop out in the neighborhood. As thieves had nowhere else to conceal themselves, it also provides an additional sense of security. Landscape lighting can add a complexity of detail and silhouettes that provide every homefront with mystery and style. To help build your home an identity, don’t forget the lamps to illuminate walkways, lawn artwork, trees, or other features. Be imaginative.

Tip #4 _Replace the old with the new 

Some garage doors are gone too far to be worthy of a makeover. Sometimes it’s better to start anew with a completely fresh garage door. This is an asset, as we discussed earlier. Why not put the money in an amazing garage door that will make the neighbors swooning with envy, rather than just blowing it on vacations? ⠀

We at Direct Service Overhead Garage Door Company might just be able to assist you in keeping your garage door the most fabulous one in your neighborhood. Visit us or call us at (501) 244-36677.

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