How to make your garage door safe for pets

October 29, 2020

Everyone, including your pets, should be involved in garage door safety practices. Our pets are just like our family members, only cuter and furrier! While they are away, many individuals leave their pets in the garage. If you use your garage as convenient doggie daycare, wouldn’t you love to know if they are comfortable and secure at all times? 

The garage door must be handled with care as it is the biggest moveable part of your home and fundamental safety practices should be taught to those who are and will be using it. Because a pet will not, in all chances, operate a garage door on their own, it becomes the obligation of their owner. Consider checking these brief safety tips when it comes to pets and garage doors.

  • Do not leave your garage door “cracked” or gaping open for your pets. The tension falls as the springs grow older, suggesting that a “cracked” garage door will drop down to the pet unintentionally which may harm your pet severely or horrifically. Installing a garage door with a pet door is a safer option than leaving the garage door open. This enables your cats and dogs to enter or exit the garage freely and provide a secure and convenient point of access. 
  • Do not enable or encourage your pets to chew on the cables of your garage door. Your wires are configured to your extension springs, which implies that they are under constant tremendous tension. Both you and your pet can be victims of a snapped and injured cable.
  • Do not tether your cat or dog’s leash to your garage door. While in circumstances where they will need to be restrained, your garage door will sound like a very safe spot to tie your pet to, please keep in mind that your garage door is not a stationary or static piece of hardware. Whether the door is manually controlled or motorized, your pet is at risk of significant harm or demise. 
  • Do not promote “beat the door” play by racing them through a shutting garage door. To stop a garage door from falling on or injuring individuals, safety measures are in place for certain motor-operated doors. However, a pet or human playing “beat the door” often runs too quickly for the sensors to detect and is a danger of being smashed by the garage door.

Let’s Avoid tragedy and keep them always safe from our garage door. If you need professional help in ensuring the safety of your garage door, don’t hesitate to visit us at Direct Service Overhead Garage Door Company or call us at (501) 244-36677.

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