How to Open a Broken Garage Door

February 28, 2022

There could be a myriad of reasons for why your garage door opener isn’t functioning. Perhaps the remote is running on an inactive battery, power is not working at your house, or you have some other issue that is affecting the opener. If the power remains on and the opener running from within the garage doesn’t work, there could be a problem within the remote itself.

From the garage’s inside, opening doors is an easy task. Find the rope with a red handle suspended from the cart in the door’s system. The rope is an emergency shut-off to remove the door from the opener.

The rope is connected to a lever for release and when released, the door will be able to move freely. In this instance the door is down. If the opener is down the drain when the door is raised, you can use the same procedure to turn off the opener.

Before closing the door or lifting it, check the door thoroughly first. If there’s a problem within the door or the extension springs or the torsion springs are damaged, the garage door could be extremely difficult to open or the garage door may be thrown down.

Certain doors weigh as much as 400 pounds, and the springs assist with the weight. If the door has to be shut or opened prior to the garage door expert is able to replace the springs, take extreme care. After the car has been removed from the garage, gently lower the door, and then reengage the lever for release.

Opening the Garage Door from Outside

For any reason, if you’re unable to gain access into your garage (perhaps you utilize an opener for garage doors as your home key) this task gets slightly more difficult. If you’ve had problems before, might have damaged the window or door to gain access, and then disengage the opener.

Also, if your door currently isn’t equipped with one, you should consider the installation of an emergency kit. It basically connects another emergency release cable for the side to the door. You can access thesevia keys and locks. It is possible remove the cable away from the exterior of the door and then release your garage doors.

Then, you will be able you to unlock the doors, unless there’s a problem with the door’s springs. In this situation, the door may be heavier than normal therefore, be careful in lifting it. We recommend getting assistance in opening the door, securing it in place as you pull the car into before lowering the door.

Call the Experts

If you have a problem regarding the door, please contact Direct Service Overhead Garage Door Company. We’ve been fixing springs, installing new openers and changing the garage door throughout Little Rock. We know the necessity of having a functional garage door and offer fast efficient, friendly, and secure service. Call us to find out what we can do to help you with garage door issues.

Reprogramming Garage Door Openers

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