How to Troubleshoot a Fast-Closing Garage Door

March 29, 2021

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Know that a garage door which closes unusually fast is more alarming compared to a sluggish door. Note that if a door slams shut, it could cause serious damages. Typically, the problem behind this concerns the garage door cables and springs.

Your garage door’s torsion springs counterbalances your door’s weight so that its speed could be controlled. Whereas the cables are there to balance the door’s weight upon closing and opening and to support the spring. Garage door springs usually lasts for 7-9 years before it breaks. On the other hand, the cables could weaken through time and could eventually snap, fray, or loosen.

What to Do?

Keep in mind that if your extension springs, torsion springs, or cables get broken, you must not use your garage door. In fact, you should call a garage door professional instantly. You should not try to repair these parts especially if you have no knowledge about it because these are highly dangerous.

Detecting a Damaged Torsion Spring

You have to look for a 2-inch gap in the middle of a torsion spring to detect if it is damaged. This is usually the spot where the breaking occurs. Commonly, an extension spring that is broken can be spotted easily since its deformity can easily be visualized. The same also goes for broken cables.

Call a Professional

You must know that garage doors do not usually opens fast. Hence, if this happens to your garage door, you may check the opener’s speed setting. If the speed cannot be reduced, then it is now time to call for a garage door professional. Direct Service Overhead Garage Door Company is the best garage door company in town so do not hesitate to contact us.

Do you know how to maintain your garage door rollers? Here are some Garage Door Roller Maintenance Tips.

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