Is Steel Garage Doors Ideal for My Home?

April 7, 2022

When it comes to choosing the best garage door, homeowners have a variety of choices to think about. It is important to select an appropriate material that matches the style of your home. It is also important to consider the cost, durability, longevity, and the ease of maintaining.

Steel doors are among the most sought-after options for replacement garage doors in United States. Know that steel doors are an excellent choice for humid climates.

Steel Doors as a Substitute to Wood Doors

Steel doors are usually more affordable than wooden doors. The lifespan of the steel doors is much longer than a wood one.

If your home was constructed with wooden garage doors, think about a garage door made of steel with a color that appears like wood. Design and finishes have improved a lot in the last couple of years.

A steel door that has faux finish is an excellent alternative to wood. These faux doors let you match the original style of your home and design while also extending the life and minimizing the maintenance requirements of the door you are buying.

Another advantage of garage doors made of steel can be their capacity to take on the elements with minimal maintenance. Garage doors are exposed to the elements all day. The elements of humidity, heat, rain as well as snow and wind affect any door, but particularly on wooden doors.

Steel doors do not expand or become rotted due to moisture. Contrarily, wood garage doors require regular maintenance every couple of years. Refinishing and painting are required. Swelling could strain the parts of the opener, as the door is pushed back when opening or closing.

What About Issues on Dents and Rusts?

Do steel garage doors rust? The latest doors have an anti-rust coating. Doors are coated with a polyester that stops corrosion. If you have an iron door that was not treated, or even doors that haven’t been treated will require minimal maintenance.

Steel garage doors have excellent insulation. A steel door that is insulated costs less than an equivalent wooden door that is insulated.

Doors made of steel aren’t maintenance-free. They may scratch or dent. Garage doors made of steel come in a variety of sizes and thicknesses. The more durable the door, the less likely it will be to damages. A heavy door might require an extra strong opener too.

Steel doors are a fantastic option. However, some would prefer the natural look of wood for garage doors. Take into consideration the place for the door as well as the volume of traffic that passes through it, along with the climate of your region in deciding on the door. We’ll help you evaluate your options when it’s time pick a new garage.

Direct Service Overhead Garage Door Company installs steel composite, wood, and garage doors. We can install any type of door you want. Please contact us for more information on garage door installations.

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