Preparation Tips for A Garage Door Installation

May 20, 2021

Did you purchase a new garage door? Before you have it installed, make sure that you check on these things that you need to do first. These tasks are simple, but these will surely help you and the professionals experience an easier and quick installation. Here are some preparation tips for a garage door installation.

Keep Track of Kids and Pets

If you have a pet, make sure that you do not let it roam around the garage. This is both for your pet’s safety and for the installation team. Aside from your pet, you should also make sure that your children will not go near the garage. It’s normal for children to become curious, but you must ensure that they will watch from afar for their safety. The installation process will require to work with heavy and dangerous equipment. That is why, only those people who are trained must be allowed inside or near the garage.

Clear Out Your Garage

You need to make sure that you have a clean garage. This also means that you need to park all your vehicles outside the garage before installation. Make sure that you give space for the professionals to park their vehicle near your garage too.

You must also ensure to keep away any equipment, garbage cans, or other things that is placed near the door. All items that are placed near the garage door should be kept away before the installation team arrives.

Consider the Location of Keyless Entry Pads or Wall Consoles

Give some time to ponder on where you would want to place your keyless entry pad or your wall console. Usually, most of the wall consoles are placed next to a personnel door that connects the garage and the house. As for keyless entry pads, these are commonly placed on the garage’s left side exterior jamb, about 5 ft above the ground. If you are thinking to place these on other areas, make sure to consult first your installer.

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