Pros and Cons of Glass Garage Doors

March 7, 2023

When looking for the right garage door for your home or property, you may be a bit overwhelmed with the vast array of options available on the market. Garage doors come in a wide variety of styles, materials, colors and levels of quality. That being said, there is not necessarily a right or wrong garage door. Instead, many factors are purely up to your own personal preferences and needs.

Like we already mentioned, garage doors come in a wide variety of materials. Of these, you might be familiar with aluminum, steel or even wood. But, there are also garage doors on the market that are made almost entirely of glass! Usually regarded as a higher end option, glass garage doors are prized for their sleek and modern appearance. Still, glass garage doors remain quite controversial for several reasons. To help you decide what garage door is right for you, we have created this list of pros and cons of glass garage doors.


  • They are Regarded for their Appearance and Curb Appeal – To many, glass garage doors just look nicer than other garage doors. It may seem superficial, but at the end of the day most design choices are entirely personal.

  • They Offer Great Natural Lighting – In modern construction, design choices that maximize natural lighting are making a resurgence. Natural lighting is more energy efficient and usually regarded as superior to artificial lighting. Many studies also exist that have found that using natural lighting over artificial lighting offers many great health benefits. No other type of garage door can compete with glasses’ ability to let in natural light to your garage or workspace.

  • Prized for their Uses in Design – Modern design utilizes many raw materials like metal, wood and glass. Modern design also prioritizes the maximization of natural lighting and open concept spaces. If you are wanting to give your home or workspace a modern look, glass garage doors might be the best option for you.


  • They are Expensive – Unfortunately, potential costs are many peoples primary concern when shopping for garage doors. No garage door is cheap, but glass garage doors are especially expensive.

  • They Require a lot of Care and Maintenance – Glass garage doors are much less durable than their competitors. Not only this, they require much more upkeep. Glass garage doors look great when they are spic and span, but even a few smudges and areas of caked on dirt can ruin the doors entire appeal. As a result, glass garage doors create a lot of additional work.

  • They are more Fragile and more Likely to Break – Unsurprisingly, glass is much more prone to break than steel, aluminum or wood. For this reason, glass garage doors are not advisable for garages or shops where there is a high potential that they will incur damages.

For more information about the variety of garage doors on the market, or for an estimate on garage door installation, contact our team of professionals at direct service overhead today!

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