Protect Your Garage Door During Hurricane Season

February 23, 2021

Protecting and Securing Garage Doors

Whenever there are hurricanes, you surely want your house and your car to be protected, right? But have you ever considered the protection of your garage doors? You must know that hurricanes are so strong that its pressure can completely damage and blow out your garage door.

You may now be interested on how to protect your garage door during hurricane season. Well, get ready because we have prepared a couple of ways that you can do. So, let’s start!

Replace The Door Seal And Weatherstripping Of Your Garage Door

You must ensure that your garage door is sealed with either a vinyl weather seal or a pliable rubber at the bottom. With these seals, your garage door is automatically being compressed when closed, leaving no gap with the floor.

Now, you must remember that with time, the vinyl or rubber seal that you have may break or become brittle. There are also instances where the bottom seal of your garage door just comes off.

To fully protect your garage door, you must install weatherstripping on top and at the sides of the door too. Aside from that, you have to replace the damaged seals as well so that you can be assured that your garage door is safe from the strong hurricane.

Install A Threshold Storm Shied or A Garage Door Flood Barrier

After replacing the seals, you can install flood barriers as well on the garage door’s foundation so that the weatherstripping can seal better against the water. Aside from keeping the water from the garage, flood barriers have another function too. A flood barrier can also help in preventing problems caused by air pressure that can severely damage your garage door.

Install Drainage System

If your garage often experiences flooding even if your seals and weatherstrippings are intact, then you may have to check your drainage system.

Installing a drainage system is not difficult as you can have it installed in a concrete block outside your door. If you do not know how to install a drainage system, do not worry because Direct Service Overhead Garage Door Company can help you.

Find out The Ideal Size Of Heater You Need In Your Garage in our next blog.

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