Questions to Ask About Your Garage Door Company

May 27, 2021

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Purchasing a garage door is not just an ordinary purchase. Hence, it is imperative that you choose the right garage door company for installment and services. Here’s a list of questions that you need to ask about a garage door company before you purchase from them.

1. Is the company offering more than one manufacturer?

There are lots of garage door manufacturers around and it is important to have options when choosing for one. With this, you will have more choices for styles, color, customization, and material options.

2. Have the company explained to you the meaning of R-values?

R-value is used to describe a garage door’s efficiency. Now, majority of the manufacturers usually display only the sectional R-value rather than the installed R-value. You should know that these are entirely different. Sectional pertains to one piece of a garage door whereas installed is for the entire door. Another common misconception is that double R-values do not mean double efficiency.

3. Can the employees be trusted, and can you guarantee your safety in them?

Garage door safety is very important for your family, people who go inside the garage, and for you. Garage doors are extremely heavy and can cause serious injuries if these are not secured. Hence, it is crucial that your garage door installers are devoted in ensuring the safety during and after installation. You would not want your door to loosen or fall, possibly smashing your car or the person under it. So, look for door installers that surely have great experiences in installing garage doors safely.

4. What is the type of mounting hardware that they will be using?

High-quality mounting hardware is important for a good garage door installation to ensure smooth, quiet, and safe operation. There are some companies who cut corners just to save money on the materials so that they can offer lower prices. However, do know that this could possibly lead to more problems. Hence, could cost you more as you will have to do a lot of repairs. Know that in this industry, you will surely get what you have paid for. So, if you opt for a door with poor hardware, expect that you will encounter functionality and safety concerns later on.

5. Is there any warranties or guarantees?

A great company will ensure that they can be trusted, and they will guarantee that they are genuine in offering their services. See to it that you will receive a written warranty and guarantee for the labor and parts of the door. Know that a company who backs up on its work is a company that serves best in town.

Direct Service Overhead Garage Door Company offers commercial and residential garage door installment and services. With our experiences, we can guarantee you that we have skilled professionals who can help you with your garage door needs.

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