Reasons Why You Must Convert Your Simple Garage Door Into A Multiple Panel Garage Door

November 28, 2020

Single panel garage door has been used by many ever since 1936, the year that it was invented. Roll up garage doors are the type of garage doors that most people use before. Through the years, the designs of garage doors have improved, and the most popular style of garage doors today is the multiple panel garage door.

So, if the garage door that you have at home right now is the old and single panel garage door, you might want to update the design and install a multiple panel one. However, if you are having seconds doubts in changing your garage doors, we will be telling you the 4 top reasons why you should switch to this.

1. Lift design is safer

Almost all single panel doors are operated by torsion springs. A metal that is responsible for lifting the door. Now, these springs can wear out or can be broken and can result to an injury.

With the new design, the door offers an additional safety feature that can avoid an injury from occurring that are caused by garage door cable or spring. These features that are added to a door are the wrap-around torsion springs, safety containment cables, lift cables, and safety brackets.

2. Additional material selections

There is only a limited option of materials that can be used in an original single-piece door because there are a lot of considerations in every material that are to be used. For instance, using a steel on a door can be too heavy meanwhile using an aluminum would make the door fragile. When talking about wood material, there are a lot of maintenance that must be done because wood can easily be damaged because of termites or water, hence, it should be sealed or painted regularly for it to be protected.

Now, with a multiple panel door, you can have a wide variety of options for the materials that you will be using. And since you will not be using a single door only, steel will not be too heavy for the door and the aluminum will not make the door too fragile anymore. Now, if you prefer a wood panel, you can choose from different varieties of wood as well such as vinyl, composite, and fiberglass.

3. Easy replacement

If you are somebody who frequently hits their garage doors upon parking, then, the multiple panel doors is the best type of garage door for you because you can easily repair any dents or scratches on your door without replacing the entire door itself since you will just have to replace one panel or the damaged panel only. Unlike in a single panel garage door, you will be forced to have the whole door get to be replaced once you hit it during parking. Hence, can cost you a lot.

4. Lesser space needed for operation

Most people usually make their garage as their storage room as well. As for this matter, using a single panel door will be troublesome since this type of door will need a larger space when operating because it will have to tilt the door for opening and closing.

On the brighter side, a multiple panel garage door does not require a huge space because it does not extend as it opens or closes. Hence, you can enjoy the space of your garage. So, if you have a truck or a short driveway, installing a multiple paneled door is one of the wisest decisions you will ever make.

With all the four benefits, surely you would love to switch to a multiple paneled door right away. If you think that you are ready for a better change, do not hesitate to contact Direct Service Overhead Garage Door Company.

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