Signs that Your Garage Door is Getting Old

April 23, 2021

Signs You Need a New Garage Door

Do you think your garage door looks scruffy? Do you notice unusual noises that makes you scared to even use it? Or do you request for a garage door repair more often that usual nowadays?

Those mentioned above are all signs of a garage door that needs replacement. Though you are aware that garage doors can serve you for a lot of years, know that the time will really come that your garage door will get old and give up. Saying goodbye may be difficult but know that this is the only thing that you can do to save money.

Below, we have prepared a guide so that you will be able to determine if your garage door is getting old. So, check out these warning signs.

Extensive Damage

A few dings to any part of your door may be normal. However, if you have noticed that your garage door has a lot of visible dents, dings, scratches, and other damages, then its time that you take this seriously. You may need to consider purchasing a new garage door by this time especially if these damages cannot be covered by paint anymore.

Frequent Repairs

Scheduling your garage door for maintenance or repair is normal. But if you are calling for a garage door service more frequent than usual, then that is not right anymore. If you’re spending too much on repairs already, then know that now is the time to replace your garage door.


An average garage door is built to last for 15-30 years only. However, the time that your garage door will serve you well will depend on how you treat this. Harsh climates for one are the main culprit why garage doors get damaged easily. Another thing is when you use your garage door as your backdrop in playing ball games. When you do this, your garage door wills surely wear out sooner.


If you notice that your garage door is making unusual, loud noises, then it’s time to get rid of it. Even if the most skilled technician could fix the noise, know that a noisy garage door surely has problems inside. If you do not want any problems in the future, then let your old garage door rest already.

Difficult to Open or Close

If you are having difficulty in opening or closing your garage door at times, know that this is not safe. Call for a technician right away to address this problem. However, if the technician cannot fix the problem, then replacing your garage door would be the best solution.

If you’re planning to replace your garage door, or ask for a technician’s service, do not hesitate to call us. At Direct Service Overhead Garage Door Company, we have the skilled and trained technicians who can help you with whatever concern you may have regarding your garage doors.

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