Slow Opening Garage Door? Fix Your Problems Now!

December 20, 2020

Pressing the button of your garage door to open or close it is very simple and convenient for you most especially if your garage door functions well and does not consume a lot of your time in opening. Surely, if your garage door has problems, the time it takes for it to open or close will increase compared to the its usual time. So, for you to know the things that you have to check or the troubleshooting that you have to do once you get to encounter a slow opening garage door, continue reading this blog and learn some techniques that you can use.

Adjust your garage door’s dial speed

In modern garage doors, the speed of the opening of the door is usually set using a dial speed. So, if you have a brand-new garage door and it immediately gets slow on opening, you might have to check for the settings in the dial speed because most doors were set to its slowest speed on default. Look for the owner’s manual so that you will know how to adjust your door’s dial speed.

Lubricate the garage door’s system

See to it that you lubricate every now and then those systems that are responsible for the closing and opening of your garage door. The parts of the garage door that you must lubricate with a silicone spray or a lubricant are the rollers, hinges, springs, and tracks. A lot of people tend to disregard this matter because they do not realize that these parts wears out or looses its function once it dries up. Therefore, make sure that you check on these parts and lubricate them every few months.

Check the tracks for any damage

Make it a habit that you check for the track system of your garage door oftentimes so that you will know immediately if there are problems. You have to know that as your garage door opens up or closes down, these tracks that are responsible for these actions looses over time. If you have noticed that the tracks are loose, make sure that you tighten it and ensure that the screws and bolts were all placed properly. On the other hand, if you noticed any dents or dings in the track system, maybe you can call a professional and have it replaced to ensure that your garage door will not be damaged in the long run.

Finally, you have learned already that there are a number of reasons why your garage door closes slowly compared to its speed when you first bought it. Make sure that you take note of these things and make sure that you call for a professional immediately if you find the need for their help. For professional services, you may contact Direct Service Overhead Garage Door Company. Surely, you will not be disappointed with the help that they can offer to you.

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