Smart Garage Door Openers – Into the Future

February 24, 2022

If you live in the Pacific Northwest, being able to shut and open the garage door from within the car during the blustery winter months is a huge help. It’s pretty easy simply pressing a button that opens the doors or close it. Other than broken batteries within the clicker or any type of power failure, the majority of garage door openers have a pretty good track record.

For a long time, the remote inside the car was placed in the glove compartment set on the center console or attached onto the sun’s visor. In the last decade however, technology that is smart is beginning to make its way into the car. Most cars have door-operating remotes built-in, which eliminates the need for a clicker completely.

The Smart Revolution

There are now different options to open your garage door capable of being operated by your mobile phone. We’ve all had this sensation wherein you are just a few blocks from the house, you start to doubt whether you have closed the door to your garage. And then you’d go back to be sure.

With a smart garage door control, it is possible to double-check the garage door using your smartphone (once you’ve pulled over safely, obviously). You’ll be able shut your garage doors from any location in the world as long as you’re connected to WiFi in the garage. It’s possible to add cameras to keep an eye on all your possessions when you’re on vacation.

Choosing the Best Smart Garage Door Opener for You

There are many “hubs” for the home including refrigerators, TVs and other smart home appliances to simplify life. The same is true with garage door openers that are smart. While the primary function remains the same: opening and closing the doors of residential garages, there are other options that might appeal to you.

A variety of smart openers are connected to the smart hubs of your home. Amazon Alexa, Google Home as well as Apple HomeKit are well-known options. Which is why the majority of openers are designed for these brands. Google Assistant and IFTTT are other applications that tie all your smart technologies together and include Garage door openers.

Functionality of Smart Openers

There is no “right” garage door opener that is suitable for all. It is always an element of cost of course. Moreover, the brand name could be crucial, too. However, it all comes down to what exactly you’re looking for in a garage door opener that goes beyond shutting and opening the garage doors.

Liftmaster, Genie and Chamberlain are all long-time makers of openers. Moreover, it is natural for them to include a smart opener entry. Chamberlain MYQ Smart Garage Hub is an low-cost option that can inform you the state of your door in real time to allow you to act in a timely manner.

A system called Aladdin Connect from Genie will notify you when someone attempts to open your garage using an opener, or by hand. The LiftMaster MYQ app lets you create recurring schedules to allow your door to close. There are several alternative options for equipment aftermarket that you can choose from. There is the Alcidae Garager 2 comes with cameras, and the Nexx Garage app allows for voice control.

Many openers offer similar capabilities and are compatible with various operating systems. However, it’s a good idea to test first. For instance, Tailwind iQ3 won’t integrate with your Apple HomeKit but does work with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. We all know that compatibility is a major factor in the world of technology.


You can upgrade nearly every garage door opener by adding additional equipment. Certain openers are wireless, while others require hardwiring of the opener. Certain devices utilize magnets, some utilize adhesive while some require brackets. The proximity to door sensors is a problem for a number of devices.

When you are researching an opener that is smart, be sure to know the way they’re installed. If you’re not mechanically inclined it is possible that you will need to get help from reinforcements. Contact Direct Service Overhead Garage Door Company to get help installing your door.

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