The Benefits Of Having A Garage Door That Comes With A Backup Battery

December 25, 2020

Blog | Battery Backup for Garage Door Opener

The need of an extra garage door battery was already been recognized in California last 2019 because of some incident that led to forest fires as well as bushfires in the country which caused a huge toll of deaths because some people were trapped inside their homes and have died because they cannot open their garage doors manually.

Even if you do not live in this kind of area, you still need to have a backup battery for your garage door opener most especially if your garage only has a one way out, and this is through your garage door. By making sure of this, you can ascertain your safety in any emergencies, and you can be guaranteed as well that you will not be trapped inside your garage in the future.

Balance your garage door accurately

If you have been thinking already to use an electric garage door, you must know that in doing this, you will be needing to change the handling process of your door as well. As a result, you have to keep in mind that it is important that you take note of the sizes and weights of your garage doors to ensure that you electric door opener can withhold the weight of your door along with its other parts.

Do you want to know if your door is properly balanced? All you must do is to pull down the emergency release handle of your door opener to unfasten it and use the lift at the bottom, or the one placed at the second-lowest part, to lift the door slowly. Now, if you are having any trouble in lifting the door, then, that door is certainly not balanced well. To solve the issue, you may call Direct Service Overhead Garage Door Company as soon as possible. You have to take note that it is important that you check regularly the balance of your garage door to make sure that you will not have troubles.

All about the battery

The battery of the garage door opener is just comparable as to any ordinary rechargeable batteries. The battery can hold power that can support around 20 times of opening and closing function of the door. Once it is drained, charging it will only take less that 5 hours and it will be ready to use again.

So, are you planning to install a garage door opener that comes with a backup battery for your safety? Contact Direct Service Overhead Garage Door Company now.

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