The Ideal Size Of Heater You Need In Your Garage

February 22, 2021

A drop in temperature does not only mean a colder weather for this can also indicate a chilly garage. This chilly temperature can certainly be felt by those homes that do not have heaters or air vents in the area. Know that getting the ideal heater for a garage can be quite tricky because there are a lot of considerations to think of. Luckily, we have gathered some information that can help you determine the ideal size of heater you need in your garage.

Types of Garage Heaters

You can only find 2 kinds of garage heaters and these are the gas and electric heaters.

  • Gas – this type of heater uses propane and activates the heater thru a sparker. The burning fuel activates a fan hence, hot air will be blown throughout the garage. Gas heaters are more effective in areas with high insulation since it warms up the air directly. Moreover, it is effective to warm up larger areas since it is the most powerful type of heater
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  • Electric – this is a common type of heater and it is heated thru a metal implement. As the heater heats up with an electricity, the surrounding air gets to be heated up too. But this type of heater is effective only in areas with low insulations.
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Calculating The Size Of Your Garage Heater

We have 2 ways for you to calculate the ideal size of heater you need for your garage. You can calculate it by wattage or by BTU.

  • Wattage – this type of calculation is the most basic. You just need to note that you will be needing 10 watts/square foot.

For example, you have a 20 by 24 ft garage. To calculate: 20 x 20 = 480; 480 x 10 = 4800 watts. You will need a heater that has a power of 4800 watts for your space to warm up.

  • BTU – this is the type of calculation that will be needed if you have a gas heater. This may be a bit complicated to start but surely you will be able to get it with no trouble. For instance, we take up the sample above, 4800 watts. The amount of power that you have solved in wattage must be multiplied by 3.41 as this is the BTU equivalent. So, 4800 x 3.41 = 16,368 BTU. You will need a heater that has a power of 16,368 BTU for your space to warm up.

If you find these calculations difficult to follow, do not worry because you can always seek the help of an expert. Know that any heater company can assist you in finding the ideal garage heater size for you if you just ask for their help.

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