Tips For Organizing Your Garage

November 29, 2020

The garage is usually the messiest part of the house because it is where all the junks are stored and nobody even bothers to clean those junks up. Now, in this blog, we will be handing out some steps that you might want to follow so that you can tidy your garage quickly and feel a fresh and clean ambiance inside.

1. Start fresh

Reorganize or rearrange all the stuff that are piled up inside your garage. If it can help you, you can bring out everything so that you can easily clear out the garage and sort out your belongings.

After doing so, start cleaning your empty garage by sweeping the floor and wiping every corner. This is the part where you should check which part of the garage needs to be repainted or remodeled.

2. Replace and repair

Take a look at your garage properly and try to find out which part needs replacement or needs to be repaired. Do not forget also to check for the lights, controls, and any electrical stuff inside your garage so that you will now which one is fully functioning, and which one must be repaired.

You might have to call some garage experts for services after you have taken down notes.

3. Donate or throw

Go through your junk and separate the ones that you will want to keep and the ones that you do not need anymore. Perhaps, there is someone out there who can benefit from your junk, hence, you must donate those that are still functioning instead of having it take so much space inside your garage.

4. Make use of vertical and ceiling space

Arrange inside your garage those things that you still want to keep and those that you need. Make sure that you leave a space for parking if you are still planning to park your car inside. There are 2 techniques that you can use to arrange your belongings, and these are the following:

  • Vertical Space

The best way to stock your things in a vertical space is by using shelves. But, make sure that the shelf that you will use is not to wide or deep that can take up too much space inside.

As for your tools, you try to use a magnetic strip. For your rakes and shovels, you can use a rack, and lastly, you can use a pegboard in keeping heavier tools.

  • Ceiling Space

If you opt to store your belongings in this manner, see to it that your garage doors will still have enough room to open and close and make sure that you will not hang your tools in a place where it can hit your car or even people.

If you are not planning to park your car inside your garage, you can add heavy duty hooks to hang your bikes or scooters inside.

5. Group items that are alike

Now that you are ready and equipped to organize your garage, you can put back everything inside. Make sure that you group items that are alike. For example, all tools should be stored together in the hardware area, all holiday decorations on the other corner, and all sports equipment on one side as well.

If you have a child, make sure that you give them an easy access for sports equipment and do not let them reach those dangerous ones.

Start organizing your garage today so that you will feel refreshed and relaxed with the new garage that you will have. If you want assistance in checking if your garage is fit for organizing in this manner, contact Direct Service Overhead Garage Door Company.

Are you still using an old model, single panel garage door? Perhaps it is time that you upgrade to a multiple panel garage door now. Check out our next blog so you will now the Reasons Why You Must Convert Your Simple Garage Door Into A Multiple Panel Garage Door.

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