Two-Car Garage: One Door or Two?

July 18, 2022

Homeowners who have endured the discomfort of having only a single car garage for the majority of their lives tend to consider a garage that has two cars on their list when searching for a new house. It is very frustrating when you don’t have sufficient space in your garage to accommodate two vehicles, particularly in the winter seasons. It is crucial to have a garage large enough to meet your needs.

  • Protecting vehicles secure from theft and the adverse effects of weather conditions.
  • Keep your car warm and accessible during winter (no scraping snow and ice).
  • Making more general storage space.

If you’re building or remodeling an entirely new house, it is important to determine whether you’d like one or two doors for your garage. There are some things you need to think about before making a decision on the best option for you:


If budget is an issue and you’re seeking ways to cut construction costs, it might be more affordable to purchase one big garage door instead of the two doors that are smaller. There will be cost of installation and materials for one opener rather than two and will experience lesser repair requirements. But a bigger door and a more robust opener is more costly than the standard size and if maintained correctly an extra-large door could have issues with the opener because of its weight.


Certain people prefer the appearance of one garage door. However, others prefer the appearance of two doors. Single doors are typically between 8 and 10 feet wide, and doubles typically range from between 14 and 16 feet in width. If you’re unsure what style you prefer, then take a moment to browse through photos of homes that have both styles. It’s also possible to drive through other neighborhoods with similar homes to check out the number of garage doorways they’ve got. The most important thing is to pick the design that you’ll be satisfied with as buying a brand-new house is an investment of a lifetime and you do not want to be disappointed.


The first thing to think about is the practicality. If you only have a single extremely broad garage door have the possibility of being unable to access any of your vehicles should the garage door fails or is stuck for any reason. In the event that you’ve got two garage doors, you’ll reduce the chance of being stuck for a long time either way because it’s unlikely that both doors will be malfunctioning simultaneously.

However, you will lose a lot of your maneuverability when the garage has two entrances. Instead of being able to drive your cars in from an angle and park with creativity (when doing repairs to your vehicle, for instance) the garage that has two doors requires you to draw in straight and with precision. For certain people, this more streamlined and strict way of doing things is the best, while others prefer the freedom of parking their garage.

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