Ways You Can Do To Make Your Garage Look Brighter

December 18, 2020

Are you aiming to have a brighter and friendly garage? Are the lightings in your garage bright enough to make it friendly and bright? Today, a bright garage is what everybody needs because this will help them keep their car and other belongings safe.

Well, are you ready to transform your dark and gloomy garage into a brighter and safer place? You must know that transforming to a brighter garage is very easy as long as you know the correct lightings to use. You are fortunate today because this blog will be helping you so that you will know what type of light to install in your garage.

The first thing that you must do is to make a plan and figure out which part of your garage needs a bulb. After doing so, you will have to choose from these varieties of lightbulbs the best one that you can use.

Fluorescent Bulbs

Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs) - Grow Lights | GroWell Hydroponics

This type of bulb is also known as fluorescent lamps or tubes because of their tubular form. These bulbs should be handled with an utmost care because it contains an ample amount of mercury and argon gas which is not safe especially for children. These bulbs come with different sizes. These are great for garages because it is cost efficient, available anywhere, and can provide great illumination.

Compact Fluorescent Lamp

Impact Spiral Fluorescent Lamp (32W/120V) SF-32-120 B&H Photo

This type of lightbulb is also popular because it is affordable, energy efficient and available anywhere. These bulbs have varieties of sizes and colors ranging from warm white to bright and bluish light. Aside from the color variations, the spiral structure of CFLs also makes it a great lightbulb because it can deliver great amount of light.


DC 12V 35W Halogen Light Bulb MR16 Spot Lamp BiPin GU53 - 12Vmonster  Lighting and More!

This type of lighting is also good for your garage and this is preferred by others because it gives a clear and bright white light in the area. Compared to CFLs, halogens are not quite efficient, but these are better compared to installing an incandescent bulb. Moreover, halogens come in different sizes too which makes it easier for you to choose the size that will fir your garage perfectly.

Light Emitting Diode

Buy Jaguar White LED Bulb (Cool Day Light, 9-W) - Pack of 5 Online at Low  Prices in India - Amazon.in

This type of lighting is the most efficient one compared to the rest in the market. In addition to that, LEDs have the longest lifespan when compared to other types of lightbulbs. These lightbulbs do not have any mercury or led inside which is why it is safe for the household and also it stays cool when you touch it even after a long day.

Hopefully, you know have an idea already as to what type of lightbulbs to install in your garage But, before you install these bulbs, make sure that you check for the safety of your garage first. See to it that the electrical wirings and other outlets of your garage are safe to avoid problems to occur.

Aside from improving your lightings inside your garage, make sure that you improve also the appearance outside your garage. You can add lightings outside also or you can transform your garage door for better aesthetics as well. If you wish to do so, you can ask for assistance from Direct Service Overhead Garage Door Company to make sure that you will certainly make the right move.

Is your garage floor strong enough for you? Learn some tips regarding about garage floors in our next blog entitled Hardening Your Garage Floor By Using An Epoxy Coating.

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