Weatherstripping Replacement Made Simple

May 31, 2020

Weatherstripping seals the garage door opening. It restricts elements such as dirt, insects, water, and air from flowing in and out of the gap. Weatherstripping is fundamental in regulating the internal temperature of your home. Damaged weatherstripping hinders the house from achieving a comfortable temperature by letting substantial heat to flow out during winter and to enter during summer. In order to protect your property from unwanted thermal changes and flooding, it is best to regularly check if your garage door weatherstripping is still intact. You may opt to call a professional like Direct Service Overhead Garage Door Company to conduct a garage door inspection and ensure that your weatherstripping is still in good condition.

If you notice that the weatherstripping is damaged, it is best to replace it immediately as it becomes more challenging to replace as the material deteriorates. You can change your garage door’s weatherstripping in a few steps. First, disengage your garage door opener and lift the garage door manually. Then, use a screwdriver to open the conduit and either slide the old weatherstripping out of the groove or cut the material along its length and extract it completely. Lubricate the track with soapy water. Insert the new material while forming a U-shape along its length and leave an allowance of about 3 inches on each end. Work on one side first and tuck the excess material in to the groove. Do the same on the other side. Tidy the area and reconnect the garage door opener. Test that the door fully closes without any visible gaps. There are some cases when it is strongly recommended to hire a certified garage door specialist to replace your weatherstripping for you. If a bottom fixture is present or if the garage door is old and deteriorated, it is best to hire experts like Direct Service Overhead. You may also choose to avail their services for an inexpensive yet seamless procedure.

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