What are the types of garage doors? (And how to choose one)

December 14, 2022

If you are looking to invest in a new garage door (or if you are just some kind of garage door enthusiast, hey we don’t judge!) then you will probably want to be aware of all of the different types of garage doors that are available on the market. Garage doors come in many styles, materials, and configurations. For this reason, it can sometimes be a daunting task to narrow your decision down. To make that decision a little easier, we here at Direct Service Overhead have created this list of *redacted* types of garage doors that are available to you.

1. The “up and over” garage door Requiring a bit more clearance to operate than other options on this list, the “up and over” style garage door operates exactly as the name implies. A mechanical or manual mechanism runs on a pivoting hinge. This pivoting hinge enables the door to extend outward so that it can extend up and over into the garage. This option does require more space than other options, but it can certainly add a great deal of quality to the outside facade of your home. This is a very stylish option, as it is composed of one solid piece (rather than many separate pieces hinged together for easy stowing). Because it is in one piece, it “opens the door” to design options and styles that couldn’t be achieved with its competitors.

2. The sectional garage door The most common garage door on the market, the sectional style of garage door retains its popularity for good reason. This style of garage door is easy to operate, not prone to many maintenance problems, and relatively inexpensive. The sectional garage door is composed of multiple panels held together with hinges between each panel. These hinges allow the door to contour up, following the shape of the ceiling so that it can situate itself onto a railing that is fastened onto the ceiling inside of the garage when the door is open.

3. The Roll-up garage door Designed for function over form, the roll-up style of garage door is primarily used for commercial operations as opposed to residential purposes. This is a high-functioning style of garage door that is designed to endure extended amounts of use without needing to be serviced or replaced. It’s not that you should never have this style of garage door serviced, but it is more durable than its competitors. This style of garage door is also incredibly space conscious, taking up much less space in your garage than its competitors would. That being said, it probably would not match the aesthetics or style of many homes out there (although it could certainly work for some) but it is the perfect option for a shop or stand-alone garage.

For more information about the different styles of garage doors, or if you’re interested in scheduling a consultation for a garage door installation, contact Direct Service Overhead today!

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