What Does the Weather do to Garage Doors?

May 25, 2022

Perhaps you have noticed that your garage door can be more difficult to open during bad weather or is harder to close at certain times of the day. Different weather conditions can have an enormous impact on your garage door. This is particularly true in places where rain, snow and heat can cause havoc to certain parts of your house.

Here are some ways that weather changes can affect the operation of your garage door and garage opener.

Garage doors that freeze over are a major concern during winter months. This can happen when rainwater pools near the garage door. If it freezes, the door itself could freeze shut, trapping your car inside. However, this can be prevented by keeping your rain gutters clean of debris.

Last but not least, broken springs occur more often in colder temperatures than in warm weather. It’s important to keep them functioning properly and monitor them regularly.

Water Damage

As you can see, rain is a big part of winter in. Wood doors can swell if they are exposed to moisture. The clearance between the door and frame will decrease if they swell. This can lead to the door rubbing against the frame, or even becoming stuck in place.

To prevent water from rushing onto your garage doors, it is important to clear rain gutters.

Explore Other Issues

Weather change is especially dangerous for garage door openers. Garage door openers work best when properly lubricated. Weather can alter the consistency of the oil, which can affect the opening.

Additionally, if your opener’s sensitivity is set to “light”, the motor might interpret thickened oil as the door striking an object. This could cause the garage door to stop or reopen.

Call the Experts

Garage doors can be damaged and need to be repaired quickly. Open garages are a magnet for thieves, wildlife, and other inclement weather. Most of these tasks can be completed at home. However, some repairs can prove to be dangerous and may require a professional. It is important to hire professionals if this happens. If you need professional assistance, do not hesitate to contact us.

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