Why Do Garage Door Cables Slip Off the Drums?

May 16, 2022

Garage doors won’t function if a cable is caught on a drum. There is a lot of tension between the cables and springs that make up a garage door. Sometimes the cables can become wrapped around themselves and get caught. Most often, something is bent and requires professional repair.

Garage door springs and cables work together. For those who don’t know how to use a garage door, this tension can be dangerous. Torsion springs can rip your arm off (or at most some fingers). You can fix some garage problems yourself, but cables are best left to professionals.

What Causes Cable-Drum Slipping?

Garage doors will open when springs applied the correct tension to the cables. The cables must be in good condition to lift the door and spool onto the drums. Cables can become loose on the rollers, hence, could also slip off it.

Here are some reasons why a cable might fail:

Broken Torsion Spring:

Some garage doors have two springs while others only have one. The spring can break, causing the cables to lose tension and become loose from the drum. Two torsion springs make it less likely that a door will fall. One spring can fail, but the other will continue to work until we are able to repair it.

Door hits an Object:

Door closing on objects below is prevented by photo safety eyes and automatic-reverse mechanisms. A door could fall on a car bumper, or another object, if it doesn’t have the necessary safeguards. The cable may become loose on one end as the door rests against the object. For safety, it’s a good idea inspect your door.

Spring has the wrong amount of tension:

Different sizes of doors require different spring tensions. When springs are installed, they must be properly tensioned. Problems with cables can result from a spring that isn’t properly tensioned. You can have too much tension or too little. Too strong springs can cause cables to leap off the drum. A spring that is too weak can cause cables to unwind.

Wrong-Size Cable and Drums:

Heavy doors will require a heavier cable. Cables that are too small will break faster than cables with the correct diameter. Drums should be selected according to the height and width of the door. Drums that can hold more cable will be needed for taller doors.

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