Why Does My Garage Door Leak?

May 10, 2022

Are you seeing water seepage under your garage door? Is there water pooling on the ground? Garage door leaks can be caused by poor drainage, faulty seals, gaps in concrete floors, or clogged gutters. Let’s look at possible causes and solutions for water in your garage.

Clogged Gutters

Are gutters and downspouts in your garage? Are they blocked with pine needles, moss, or any other debris? Check the gutters if the garage door leak is coming off the roof. If necessary, clean and repair them. Install gutters if you don’t already have them. To ensure that the downspouts drain water away from your garage door, attach extensions. Gutter and downspout functions will protect the garage floor, walls, and foundation.

Uneven Concrete

Uneven concrete underneath a weather seal will cause it to fail. Temperature changes can lead to small shifts in concrete’s size and shape. Installing a u-shaped weather sealing device, known as an astragal or weather seal on a retainer clip can help seal any gaps. The astragal cushions your door and seals gaps. There are many seals available in supply shops. Some may be better suited for uneven concrete.

Broken Weather Seal

A storm can pour rain on a garage door for days or hours. Rubber seals are placed at the bottom of garage doors to keep out moisture, dust, and other pests. It won’t work if the seal is damaged or worn. A garage-door supply or home improvement store can sell a replacement seal.

Poor Drainage

The problem is likely to be with drainage, not the door seal. Water could seep into your garage if the driveway is higher than the surrounding soil. Flooding can also be caused by a driveway that slopes towards the garage.

These situations can be best handled by a professional. These are some of the remedies that a contractor might offer:

  • You can divert water away from your garage. It is important to take care when diverting water.
  • You can cut a drain trench into the driveway. The trench will hold the water and allow it to flow to the sides.

Our company provides garage door repair and tune-ups. Tune-ups include a thorough inspection of all major components of your door, including the weather seal. Call us to get a quote for a garage door replacement.

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