Why does my garage door make so much noise?

October 26, 2020

Does your garage door sound like the out of sync heavy metal band from high school? Does it drive the neighbors nuts every morning and even your cat can’t stand it? Are you having goosebumps every time you open your garage? You’ve just had reached the threshold which calls for noise control.     

Noisy garage doors are mainstream, but don’t worry because they are absolutely salvageable almost all of the time. You won’t have to panic about building a new door. It’s a fairly straightforward DIY fix that can be achieved with common household equipment. Here are the probable reasons why your garage door is making so much noise.  

  • The screws, nuts, bolts, belts, chain drives are loose 
  • The rollers, springs, hinges are worn out 
  • The garage door opener is malfunctioning 
  • There is sufficient moisture present  
  • The presence of a dark and dry environment 
  • The dried parts need lubrication 
  • You have either an old garage door or old garage opener  

How to fix it

It is a pretty straightforward repair if your door is clattering due to some loose pieces. Just grab a lug wrench and tighten the parts that loosen easily such as screws, nuts, bolts. 

For noises produced by worn parts, carefully inspect for wear and tear signs on your rollers, hinges, and springs. You may be able to supplement yourself with a couple of nice YouTube repair videos for worn rollers and hinges, but it’s best to book a professional. Springs, on the other hand, strictly need an expert’s skill and expertise. Issues with springs can be incredibly dangerous and can be under unbelievable pressure. Cautiously tread. 

If other than an electrical problem, your garage door malfunctions, you will need to contact a professional. It may very well be reasonable to invest in a new opener. Openers typically wear out quicker than the door themselves. Thankfully, they are much cheaper as compared to a new garage door.

It could also be that your garage door just needs some lubrication. For this, always use a recommended lubricant for the garage door, not WD40, which would otherwise provoke your garage door parts to rust early. To get into all the nooks and crannies, apply the oil via a brush. Clean up any oil in excess to prevent spillage. 

Of course, you’ll only need to buy a brand new door or opener if your garage door is noisy because it’s outdated or the opener is burned out just like the many things we owned that we replaced because they were too old.   

It might be easy to dismiss a noisy garage door and just continue with your day, but there’s something that the door is telling you. There’s always a malfunctioning mechanical component. And given that a door weighs hundreds of pounds and is used countless times a day, you should not neglect it particularly if you have children or pets. You may be putting your family’s welfare in peril. 

If ever you need professional help in eliminating the annoying noise coming from your garage door, our team at Direct Service Overhead Garage Door Company is always happy to assist. Visit us or call us at (501) 244-36677. 

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