Why you Should Replace your Pre-1993 Garage Door

May 31, 2020

Old garage doors, like any old contraption, need to be properly maintained to be able to serve their purpose well. The state of your garage door indicates the safety and security of you, your loved ones and your property. While it is a good economical practice to utilize the garage door as long as it opens and closes fine, there may be major breakthroughs that can set new benchmarks through time. In 1992, the Consumer Products Safety Commission required all garage door openers to be manufactured from 1993 onwards to incorporate a safety sensor. This makes preceding models obsolete and due for replacement. If you would like to know about other recent developments and standards in the industry you may speak to garage door specialists like Direct Service Overhead.

Importance of safety sensors

Garage doors openers are designed to lift weights up to 350lbs and conversely exert the same force downwards. Garage doors made before 1993 lack safety sensors that automatically detracts the door when it senses an obstruction. Anything or anyone in the way of a shutting pre-1993 garage door is thus exposed to high risk of grave danger from such a strong force. Even if you argue that the garage door still does its job, retaining an old garage door without a safety sensor now recklessly jeopardizes the safety and security of anything or anyone that crosses its path. Ensure total protection by replacing your garage doors through Direct Service Overhead Garage Door Company.

Newer technology causes malfunctions

Apart from major hazard concerns, pre-1993 garage door openers are prone to malfunctions caused by the interference from the technology being used by recent models such as MyQ. Most times, the malfunctions escalate making it necessary for major repairs or partial replacements to be made. This issue makes another compelling reason to change your unit altogether. The issue of malfunction due to interference is unavoidable in this day and age where a pre-1993 garage door will have endured a lifespan over twice its recommended length. Invest in a new garage door and enhance your security whilst updating your property’s curb appeal with Direct Service Overhead Garage Door Company.

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