Your Garage Door As Your New Front Door

February 24, 2021

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Have you taken a look at your home across the street? You must know that these days, almost 50% of your home’s façade is covered by your garage door. Hence, updating your garage door will definitely add value to your home’s curb appeal.

Today, it is not a surprise to us anymore that the replacement of a garage door is the best remodeling project one can do if they want to increase the value of their homes. Are you aware that most of the home buyers prefer to visit houses with a beautiful exterior only? So, how should we make a decision when it comes to a garage door replacement? The professionals from Direct Service Overhead Garage Door Company believed that there are five steps that you must do for you to make the correct decision:

1. Study the materials

Every material of the garage door has its own pros and cons. It is important that you assess its durability, design, budget, and most importantly, its maintenance. If you want a material that is low maintenance, cheap, and has a variety of selection, steel is the best one to choose.

2. Pick a design or style

Decide on a design that will complement your house. There are design options that you can choose from such as Traditional, Contemporary or Carriage House.

3. Safety features and its insulation

It is imperative that you study the door’s safety features so that you will know what to expect. Moreover, ensuring that the garage door has safety features can guarantee you that the door is secure and safe. The safety features that you must know are the following:

  • Safety sensors
  • Pinch free doors
  • Keypads

Now if you are planning to use the garage as your workspace, you have to make sure that you install an insulation. Know that insulations can help you save energy and it can increase your garage’s comfort.

4. Add windows

Adding of windows in your garage door does not only add light inside your garage, but it can also increase the curb appeal of your home.

5. Choosing a color

Choose a garage door color that will complement your home’s front yard, bricks, sidings, and trim. Doing this will surely make the garage door blend-in or stand out if it is what you prefer.

So, these aforementioned factors are the things that you must consider in remodeling or installing your garage door. You must know that whenever you plan to replace your garage door, we can always assist you. We, Direct Service Overhead Garage Door Company, guarantee you that we will give you the ideal garage door that you want.

Check out our next blog for some Tips For A Garage Door To Stand Out.

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