21C Museum Hotel – A Unity of Art, Design, and Hospitality

21C Museum Hotel – A Unity of Art, Design, and Hospitality

It must be a lifelong dream for art lovers and enthusiasts to doze off in an art gallery and bring A Night in The Museum to life. 21C Museum Hotel not only offers a decent night’s sleep at a contemporary art museum with beyond 12,000 square feet of display space, but you’d also be dozing off to deep slumber in their extravagant rooms with comfortable luxury beds

History of 21C Museum and Hotels

21C Museum and Hotel is the brainchild of philanthropists and art collectors Laura Lee Brown and Steve Wilson. The first branch in this chain of Museum Hotels was launched in 2006 at its first location in Louisville, Kentucky.

21C Museum is North America’s only museum dedicated to collecting and exhibiting contemporary art of the 21st century. 21C Museum Hotels are an experiment in combining hospitality, and a free contemporary art museum, as well as luxury hotel service, and chef-driven restaurants that contribute to and help enrich their local community.

21C Museum Hotel in Bentonville

Bentonville is a charming, small town in Northwest Arkansas but there is more to Bentonville than just a small-town charm. Bentonville is home to the Crystal Bridges Museum, and a base to explore miles of biking trails, flourishing dining experiences, and a thriving community of artists in Arkansas.

21c Museum Hotel is situated on the northeast corner of the Bentonville town square, just a short stroll to another art nest, the Crystal Bridges Museum. Consistent with its name, craftsmanship is everywhere – in the lift, lobbies, stairwells, suspended from roofs, at the front counter, and in the restaurant. The Museum Hotel likewise includes cordial, individual assistance as well as thoughtful amenities that allow oneself to sit back, relax, and feel at home. This makes it a great destination for a perfect family weekend getaway!

Rooms – The patrons’ rooms and suites are quite enormous with high ceilings, huge windows that radiates a private vibe, giving you a comfortable breathing space from the stimulating and provocative arts that occupies the museum galleries. The furnishing and amenities that are strategically placed in every room guarantees that the guests re-emerges feeling revived, restored, and ready to explore again.

Dining – The Hive, is a common get-together spot in the community, ideal for quenching your thirst, engaging with important clients, or simply just grabbing a bite with your peers. This cafe proudly exhibits the one of a kind culinary identity of Arkansas, furnishing you with an exquisite dining experience.

Private events – the Museum Hotel features an enormous area of craftsmanship-occupied display and event spaces. Their event venue spaces include Private galleries which can hold meeting or events, Conference rooms with varying media capabilities, and a 21c Art Yard, for a unique outdoor experience while taking in some fresh air. So, if you are looking to celebrate a great year with a very best holiday party, this place is a must-visit for you.

Art fanatics from around the globe will enjoy a wide assortment of enriching cultural activities that this place has to offer. This is one of the many spots that you and your family ought to never miss while in Northwest Arkansas.

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