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the ups and downs of garage doors.

did you know?

Your garage door is the largest object in your home!

A garage door is a complicated system, from the torsion system to the rollers. With so many moving parts, they can be as dangerous as they are confusing for homeowners.

Sometimes it’s not a brand-new door that you need, it’s just a simple repair. We’ll take care of your broken spring repair, your off-track garage door, and your cable, drum, or pulleys. We’ll even fix your broken garage door opener. If your garage door isn’t working correctly, is too noisy, or is opening or closing wrong, we can help you.

Here is a breakdown of some of the other key components of your garage door that can go wrong. Not to worry, we fix them all.

garage door components

Powder Coated Torsion Spring

Ask about our maintainence-free powder coated torsion springs! They have a higher cycle life than our competitors, they are completely maintenance free, and they are rust resistant.

garage door springs

The average torsion spring lasts about 10 years. If these parts break down, you won’t be able to open and close your door. Direct Service Overhead specializes in torsion spring replacement, and our trucks are fully stocked with the highest quality garage door springs available. We can easily replace most torsion springs same day, so you don’t have to live without a functioning garage door. If things aren’t working like they should and you think you may have a broken torsion spring, call us today, and we’ll be there to get things fixed.

garage door drums

Garage door drums are critical to the proper operation of your garage door. Each drum must be set correctly and in good working condition in order to properly balance your garage door and avoid an off-spool.

Over time, drums begin to break down and the grooves begin to sharpen leading to direct damage to of your cables. Ask your technician about our commercial-grade drums today.

garage door cables

The cables on your garage door are located on each side of the door, they connect to the drums and allow the door to rise evenly.  Many times garage door cables fray, primarily due to the fact that they are made with a low strand count. 7X7 are the industry standard. At Direct Service Overhead, we use 7X19 aircraft cables to maximize the life our customers get out of their parts.

garage door rollers

There are several different styles of garage door rollers on a garage door. No matter the type, rollers break from time to time. Most use metal rollers with exposed bearings or plastic rollers with no bearings at all and are prone to cracking with long-term use. Our company uses specialized 13-ball-bearing nylon rollers with sealed bearings, leaving your home with a quiet and smooth experience as well as extended cycle life. Rollers are the single most vital part of any garage door due to the fact that they support 100% of the door’s weight when in the air.

Other issues

remote control giving you problems?

It’s not uncommon for a remote control to stop working, or at least, stop working correctly. If this happens to you, it could be something simple like batteries that need replacing. It could be a photo eye sensor. It could be a wiring issue. If you need a brand-new opener, or if you just need to reprog       ram the one you have, don’t worry. You don’t have to get out in the rain and lift that garage door again. With same-day service, we can fix your remote control quickly. Call today and let us help you with your remote control or let us show you a smart remote. You can open and close your garage door easily from anywhere with your cell phone.

What about your keypad or switch?

There are several things that can cause your keypad not to work. It could be a simple solution like a dead battery. It could be a faulty antenna on the motor. It could just need reprogramming. It could even be a frayed connection in the wiring. If your switch isn’t working, it could be a problem with the motor or the photo eye sensor. Whether it’s an easy fix or something a little more tricky, Direct Service Overhead can help. Just call us today, and with our same-day service, we’ll have you taken care of quickly.

What’s all that noise?

Sometimes your garage door looks like it’s working fine, but it doesn’t sound right. It could be a squeak, a rattling, or a hum. We’ll get things sounding good again. If you’re hearing a squeak, it could mean you just need your rollers replaced. A pop could be a problem with a torsion spring. A rattle may mean that something in the system came loose. Direct Service Overhead can help make things quiet. Call us today and let us know what you’re hearing. We’ll be there for you, in Central Arkansas and Northwest Arkansas.