standard garage doorS

garage doors as tough as steel

Steel garage doors are the most common and economical types on the market. Most manufacturers offer several colors from the factory, and many models can be painted to match your home. They come in economical non-insulated doors, insulated doors with steel skin, or the strong, secure steel back, three-layer garage door. Don’t let the name “standard” fool you; there are many styles you can choose from for a more custom feel.

flush panel

This option features flat and slightly textured panels that can be used to complement the surrounding wall area without drawing too much attention to the door itself.

Long raised panel

This option gives depth and distinction to the door, while adding to the home’s overall appearance.

types of standard garage DOORS

non-insulated Garage Doors

Non-Insulated garage doors are stamped from a single sheet of 25/24 gauge steel. These are usually the most economical of all steel doors.

insulated garage doors

Insulated garage doors have a steel skin on the outside with a thick layer of polystyrene as a backer covered by a layer of vinyl. The backer provides soundproofing and additional insulating value to the door.

Steel-Back 3-layer garage doors 

Steel-Back 3-layer garage doors are constructed of the same materials as double-layer doors with the addition of a galvanized skin on the inside to protect the polystyrene/polyurethane from damage. The additional layer of steel makes triple-layer doors the strongest, most secure, and most soundproof of all garage doors. These are also available with thicker insulation for greater R-value (a measure of thermal resistance).

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