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Garage Door Services

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Garage Door Openers

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Direct Service Overhead Garage Door Company can repair or replace your garage door opener. We’ll set you up with something brand new if you need it. A new garage door opener means you don’t have to go outside in the rain or in the heat to lift that garage door. We handle wall mount openers, belt drive openers, chain drive openers, and smart openers. Call us today and open a whole new world.

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Direct Service Overhead Garage Door Company can set you up with a new garage door, quickly and easily. Check out our standard garage doors, custom doors, full-view garage doors, or carriage house garage doors. Call us today for a free on-site estimate. We’ll make sure you get the right garage door for your house.

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We’ll take care of your broken spring repair, your off-track garage door, and your cable, drum, or pulleys. We’ll even fix your broken garage door opener. If your garage door isn’t working correctly, is too noisy, or is opening or closing wrong, we can help you. We offer same-day service at no extra cost, so call today and don’t deal with a broken garage door any longer.

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Call us to handle any job that deals with torsion springs or extension springs. When a spring breaks it needs to be replaced. Have Direct Service Overhead Garage Door Company come take care of any broken or damaged springs. We can get the job done the same day and make it easy for you. Call us for any garage door spring problems.

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