3 Ways the Cold Could Affect Your Garage Door

May 24, 2021

How Does Winter Affect Your Garage Door? - Quality Overhead Door

Different weather conditions can affect in different ways on your garage door. These effects will depend on the precipitation, temperature, and the fluctuations of both. Here are the 3 ways the cold could affect your garage door.

1. Water Freezes

The bottom part of your garage door is sealed to the ground so that it could block rodents and weather. But during winter season, the water usually freezes creating a problem when it forms a puddle. In some cases, garage doors can also get frozen to the ground, hence, opening it would be difficult.

To prevent this, see to it that you have clog-free gutters. Also, you need to make sure that your door is not surrounded by water. If you could, push away the water from the bottom of your garage door.

2. Steel Contracts

Garage doors that were made from steel could contract in cold weather conditions. Anything that is metal made in your door can warp or seize up if not moved often during cold season. Examples of these parts are the hinges, tracks, springs, etc.

Thus, we highly suggest that you lubricate these moving parts so that you can keep its function. Having a regular maintenance is important in achieving a functional garage door.

3. Operator Issues

Most garage door operators are also vulnerable to weather changes. The moving parts of your garage door opener will work best if it is lubricated and if it is moved regularly. Moreover, the sensitivity of your opener could also play a role, if its level was set to “light”. When this happens, the operator could interpret that the garage door has hit an object. As a result, your garage door could suddenly stop even if there is nothing that blocks its way.

So, make sure that you check the operator periodically to ensure that it is properly working. Along with this, you also have to make sure that its sensors are functioning properly.

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