5 Modern Designs You Can Do for Your Garage Door

March 30, 2021

Common garage doors usually have minimal to zero ratings when it comes to aesthetics. Hence, these doors are considered as average ones since most are not visually interesting. But there is nothing wrong with plain garage doors as long as it is well-maintained. However, have you thought of how wonderful your garage door could be if you enhance its look? You should know that enhancing your garage door could increase your home’s value. So, if you want to have a garage door that is reliable, sturdy, and will add value to the curb appeal of your home, then, continue reading this article.

Here are 5 modern designs you can do for your garage door:

1. Custom Windows

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You can add windows to your garage door so that natural bright light could enter your garage. In addition to the light, windows can add beauty to your plain garage door.

There are a variety of options that you could choose from if you want to try to add windows to your garage door. You can also choose its placement, its shape, its opacity, and the glass type that you want.

2. Glass Garage Doors

If you want a garage door that can complement your modern house, then you should opt for a glass garage door. These types of doors are practical to use if they could provide an adequate insulation to match your place’s climate. Know that a poorly insulated garage door would result to higher heat loss, hence, increases your heating cost.

Glass doors also allows natural light to enter into your garage, resulting it to be a more lovely place. This is a perfect garage door for you if you spend most of your time in your garage.

3. Modern Materials

Aluminum, wood, and steel doors have its own benefits as a garage door material. However, there are new materials that can offer great benefits as well. These materials are fiberglass and vinyl. These are synthetic materials and are affordable, easy to maintain, and lightweight. Also, fiberglass and vinyl doors look good on most modern homes.

4. Decorative Hardware

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A timeless trend for garage doors is the decorative hardware. Decorative pieces such as knockers, studs, and handles give a garage door a classic and elegant appearance.

Decorative hardware fits a very wide range of garage doors. This has a striking effect if you pair it with a wooden garage door or a carriage house door. Also, these additions can certainly complement your home’s design and modern garage door.

5. Wood Grain Finish on a Steel Garage Door

Wood garage doors never go out of style. Their natural, handcrafted look adds charm and warmth to your home. Also, these types of doors will need more upkeep compared to other materials. However, you should not worry because here at Direct Service Overhead Garage Door Company, we can help you with your door’s upkeep.

Are you encountering problems when your garage door is closing? Is to closing too fast than the usual? Check out our next blog so that you will know How to Troubleshoot a Fast-Closing Garage Door.

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