An Overview of the Tontitown Winery

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The wine making art has been in the tradition of the Ranalli Family since 1923. They have passed down this family tradition for generations already from their Great Grandfather Nazzareno Ranalli. The Ranalli family is proud to carry their rich tradition of making fine wines in Tontitown not only today, but for the many years that will be coming.

Tontitown Winery offers free wine tasting every week. This winery is located in “Taldo House” which was built during 1917, the former home of “Dixie Pride Bonded Winery #40”.

All wines here were made on-site from their local Tontitown grown grapes. Whilst you are there, you should make sure to check their History Room. This room features the grape growing and wine making Italian traditions who discovered and prospered the town.


The winery is open from Monday to Sunday with the following operation hours:

Monday – Thursday       11:00 am to 7:00 pm

Friday – Saturday            11:00 am to 10:00 pm

Sunday                              12:00 pm to 5:00 pm


  • On-Site Catering Service
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The winery has an on-site indoor area which is perfect for receptions, corporate events, and parties. This function has a seating capacity of 100+.

  • Outdoor Function Area
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There is an available outside patio in the winery which is perfect for all outdoor events.

Wine List



  • Dry with heavy oak and cherry bouquet.

Cabernet Sauvignon

  • Dry with currants and plums aromas and has a velvety oak hint.

Italian Red

  • Medium-bodied, semi-dry with flavors of fruit.

Ives noir

  • Heavy-bodied, medium-sweet with sweet grapes, spicy flavors.


  • Fruity and sweet, just like spending a morning in a vineyard. Fresh and light-bodied.

Red Muscadine

  • Sweet with a scent of warm Southern sunset.


White Muscadine

  • Southern favorite, sweet and has a clean fresh finish.


  • Dry that comes with a citrus hint. Crisp flavor with oak bits.

White Zinfandel

  • Medium-dry with apricot and peach aromas.


  • Luscious, sweet with tropical fruits flavors – considered a Tontitown Classic.


Rock House White

  • A fruity, clean, and has a smooth warm finish.

Rock House Red

  • Full-bodied with rich, deep fruit flavors.

Amico Della Nonna

  • A fortified Concord wine – considered a Tontitown Tradition.

Tontitown and its Surrounding Area


  • Ewe Bet Farm
  • Winery AirBnb Camper
  • Creeks Gold and RV Park


  • Harry Sbanotto Park
  • Tontitown Historical Museum

Area Restaurants

  • Venesian Inn
  • Mama Z’s
  • Jerry’s Red Door
  • Guido’s Pizza
  • Gussanos Pizza

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