Arkansas Repertory Theatre

The Arkansas Repertory theatre is situated in Little Rock, Arkansas. This is a theater that is still in use today. We don’t always think that theatres are still in use and that there are still a lot of people that are going to these theatres. If you are considering going to Little Rock for a holiday, or you are in the area, then you should have a look at what the repertory theatre has to offer.

The History of Arkansas Repertory Theatre

The Arkansas Repertory theatre was first opened in 1976. It has 377 seats available for each show. It is still in use today and is holding shows and events on a regular basis. The theatre is a non-profit theatre and is known as one of the largest non-profit theatres in the state.

There are more than 400 volunteers that are keeping the theater up and running. By maintaining the theater, organizing events and keep the building and the surrounding area in perfect condition.

Different shows available all the time

With the Arkansas Repertory theatre offering shows all the time, you will not be bored during the night. Yes, you can go to the movies and you can go to other night activities, but you want to go to the repertory theater for an experience that you will not forget.

You should keep an eye on the media for the different shows that are advertised. This way, you will be able to find a show that you and your family would like. Making sure that you have a great family outing at the repertory theater.

Educational options and programs available

The Arkansas Repertory theatre is more than just another theatre that is only giving shows at night. There are some educational options and programs available as well. Making sure that you are going to learn more about the theatre world.

There are school programs, day courses, workshops and even scholarships that can be applied for. Making sure that you are getting a chance to live your dreams.

Arkansas Repertory Theatre. A place where dreams come true. You can join their educational options, or you can just sit back and relax at one of their organized shows. This is a place that is running for quite some time, and it is still as popular as what it was back in 1976 when it first opened in Little Rock, Arkansas. A place where families can enjoy some time together and enjoying a show that you will never forget.

If you aren’t into theater, you can always check out the Ozark Escape nearby for a more thrilling adventure.

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