Everything That You Need To Know About Wind-Rated Garage Doors

November 26, 2020

There are certain states or areas wherein they experience strong winds that has a capacity to damage their garage doors. Hence, it is very significant that you make sure that you have mounted a wind-rated garage door at home. Below, you will know why installing one is truly helpful and you will also know the benefits of a wind-rated garage door.

Advantages of a wind-rated garage door

Compared to a normal garage door that is commonly used by most households today, a wind-rated garage door is far different from those doors primarily because of the materials that are used to build them. The materials that are used to make these are wood paneling, aluminum, different forms of insulation, and a couple of layers of steel and the combination of these materials will make garage doors thick and resistant to strong winds.

Now, the benefits of installing a wind-rated garage door are the following:

  • Prevents water damage

A wind-rated garage door is very sturdy hence it can prevent flood from occurring as compared to a normal garage door which can easily be damaged and expose the house to flooding caused by thunderstorms.

  • Protects against impacts

Impacts against flying branches of a tree, rocks, flying debris, and strong winds can extremely damage a garage door, thus, can cause serious injury if one was hit. When talking about a wind-rated garage door, these objects cannot cause a serious damage to the garage door, protecting the household from any serious injury.

  • Moderate cost

Garage door damages can cause you to spend a lot of money for repairs even if you have insurance that is why it will be very wise that you install a wind-rated garage door so that you can avoid spending a huge sum of money on repairs.

Protect your garage now by using a wind-rated garage door so that you will not have to face a lot of problems when natural disasters would occur. You may contact Direct Service Overhead Garage Door Company and inquire for a great wind-rated garage door that is perfect for you.

Load requirements of a wind-rated garage door

There are a number of factors that you have to consider before you install a wind-rated garage door. First, you have to know the wind load rating of your region and you have to keep in mind that a wind-rated garage door can only handle 50pounds per square foot. Note also that the higher the velocity of the wind is, the greater wind load can be recorded.

So, for you to know which wind-rated garage door is best for you, you should rely on these factors:

  • Wind speed

The American Society of Civil Engineers has provided a tool that can determine wind speeds and you can use that to know what type of garage door is the one that can handle the wind speed in your area.

  • Exposure area

You should be aware about the wind speed or your region and its exposure zones so that you will have an idea and you will know whether the place where you are staying right now should really need a strong garage door or not.

  • Home structure

Take note of the size of your house as well. There are also some other things that you have to consider such as the size of your door, average height of your roof, your home’s internal pressure, style of the slope of your roof, and the direction of the wind in your area. Any changes from these factors can certainly affect the measurement requirements of your garage door.

So, if you are located in a very windy area and you will want to secure you and your garage’s safety, make sure that you contact Direct Service Overhead Garage Door Company immediately and get to know the right type of garage door that you need.

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