Garage Door Maintenance Checklist

June 28, 2020

A garage door typically lasts about fifteen years. However, it is prone to wear and tear just like any mechanism with moving parts. It is highly recommended to follow the maintenance checklist every few months to prevent major repairs and early replacement. Garage door companies have different protocols involved when doing a tune-up but the maintenance checklist you can follow at home are relatively similar. If you are hesitant to perform the checklist yourself, you may call a garage door company like Direct Service Overhead Garage Door Company to do a tune-up which includes repairs and part replacements.

Assess the performance of the garage door. You want to make sure the garage door is operating smoothly without it making any screeching noises. If you notice that the garage door is jerky or noisy, call a professional.

Clean your garage door with a soft cloth and mild detergent and check the door’s integrity and finish if it needs to be serviced for wood rot, water damage or warping. If you see rust spots, try to remove it with a steel wool. Otherwise, have this serviced by a specialist along with your other concerns.

Probe the garage door and its small parts for any wear and tear damages or broken parts. If you see any loosened nuts, bolts and roller brackets, you can tighten these yourself with a wrench. It is also recommended for you to apply a thin lubricant on your tracks, hinges, rollers and weatherstripping. If you see that your weatherstripping needs replacing you may do this yourself. Alternatively, you can have an expert do all these in a tune-up.

Check your door balance. You can check the door balance by lifting the garage door manually, pulling the release handle, until it is ajar. If the door does not remain ajar or if it falls a bit, the springs are not balanced. Have a professional replace the springs as this is a dangerous task.

Test the door’s auto-reverse feature. The auto-reverse feature has mechanical and photocell components. You can test the mechanical component by placing a small block of wood on the floor where it obstructs the door’s path. The door should automatically retract when it touches the wood as it closes. The photocell component, found about 6 inches above the floor, is tested by passing your hand or foot in front of the sensor as the door closes. It should automatically reverse when it senses your hand or foot. Call a professional to address this issue immediately as it concerns your safety.

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