Garage door safety tips for your home

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Like any of your home’s appliances or other features, garage doors must be inspected and maintained every year to ensure that they have as long of a lifespan as possible. Though, garage doors differ from most of your home’s other features. When not maintained properly, you not only risk that your garage door may not function properly, but it could even pose a serious safety risk to you, your loved ones, and your property. Garage doors can weigh more than 300 pounds, so naturally you want to take precautions to ensure that your home stays as safe as possible. To learn more about garage safety, please refer to the list below:

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  • Test your door sensors frequently By acknowledging the risks associated with owning a home with a garage door, we do not mean to say that garage doors are necessarily dangerous. In fact, garage doors are designed with safety as a primary concern. Your garage door has many built in safety features upon its installation, but it is up to you to ensure that these features are up to date and operating properly. One of the most important safety features of any garage door is its motion sensors. These are the sensors that monitor the motion under the door while it is closing. If they detect motion while the door is coming down, the sensors will detect this and trigger the door to begin raising back up. To make sure your garage doors sensors are working at full capacity, check them frequently.

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  • Check your door springs and cables Perhaps the most important component of your garage door is its springs. These act as a counterbalance to allow your door to open and close properly. They require great care to install, and can pose a considerable danger when they are not functioning correctly. For this reason, it is important that you check them regularly to ensure that there are no signs of fraying or damage. The springs should also be free of debris or any and all objects that may have been lodged around the cables. If you notice abnormalities in your garage door springs, contact a professional to come and service your door.

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  • Check your door rollers and tracks Most garage doors operate on a roller and track system. The rollers attached to the garage door fit into the track, allowing the door to open and close properly. Any slight damages to these rollers or the tracks that they feed into could prevent your door from opening and closing property. Any damage to the roller and track system could cause further damage to occur if attempts are made to open and close the door repeatedly. If you notice abnormalities in your garage doors rollers or tracks, schedule an appointment with a professional garage door repair specialist.

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For more tips about garage door safety, or if you’re interested in scheduling an appointment or consultation for a garage door installation, contact Direct Service Overhead today!


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